Transform customer acquisition strategies using personalized videos

The foundation of any business is its customers. Without their constant support and engagement, business infrastructures can crumble without notice. Needless to say, the acquisition and retention of customers are of great importance for a company. Acquisition, in particular, requires huge investments in time and money. A well-designed customer acquisition strategy is thus necessary to […]

How omnichannel video personalization can redefine customer experiences

The evolution of digital technology in recent years has significantly altered the ways in which businesses and customers interact with each other. Customers nowadays have a wide range of options available to access company information or their services. With the ease and comfort offered by digital technology, they are no longer limited to one channel […]

This 4-letter word and video are not taboo anymore

The language of business has changed. The most discussed and sought-after word in today’s digital business is the 4-letter word – DATA. Customers are leaving data trails across multiple touch-points in this highly data-driven world, which opens up immense opportunities for businesses to capture their attention, connect on a hyper-personal level, and engage deeper for […]

Why Your Business Should Consider Personalized Video Marketing With Micro-Segmentation Strategy

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way companies operate these days. Face-to-face interactions have considerably declined as more businesses are relying on digital communications to maintain and service their customers. With much of the communications shifting online, managing customer relations and experiences have gotten tougher. Customer base has also widened significantly with the reach and […]

Build Virality In Social Media With Personalised Social Video Marketing

The complex and uncertain environment of a growing pandemic crisis has forced the global economy to dramatically shift online for survival. Most companies are continuously sensing the changes and redrafting strategies to look at priorities and investments for the coming months and into 2021. A critical focus area for many is in understanding how they […]