Why Your Business Should Consider Personalized Video Marketing With Micro-Segmentation Strategy

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way companies operate these days. Face-to-face interactions have considerably declined as more businesses are relying on digital communications to maintain and service their customers. With much of the communications shifting online, managing customer relations and experiences have gotten tougher. Customer base has also widened significantly with the reach and ease offered by online platforms and now encompasses a more diverse community. Given these changes, maintaining and improving customer loyalty demands a fresh look at how you manage your customer communications.

When dealing with a diverse customer base, requires a differentiated strategy to be implemented, to effectively cater to the different needs and expectations of the customers. A one-size-fits-all content marketing strategy applied on top of digital channels are not working anymore.  Most of them are ignored with the swipe of a button. If you wish to stand out from this content overload, there needs to be some contextual information established between you and your customer. To grab the customer’s attention, you will have to take into account their status and behaviors and personalize messages and advertisements accordingly.

Get on board with these leading techniques in customer management

One strategy which has been widely used to handle customer management is segmented marketing. Segmentation is nothing new. It’s about dividing your client base into smaller groups based on certain factors. Marketing your products and services can then be made more relevant and appropriate for each group. This segmentation broadly takes place along 4 categories;

  • Demographics: based on age, gender, income level, marital status, educational qualifications
  • Geographics: based on location data, for instance, country, city, region
  • Psychographics: based on social status, lifestyle, values, personality traits etc.
  • Behavioral: based on app usage, brand loyalty, purchases

Following such a segmentation strategy can do wonders for your brand and customer retention. On seeing more beneficial content tailored to their lifestyle, customers are more likely to check out your products and services.

Segmentation was then but micro-segmentation is now

But these days, segmentation might not be enough. Such a broad classification is bound to still have many heterogeneous elements in each group. Micro-segmentation can help you here and provide a deeper insight into your client base. Micro-segmentation is an advanced form of segmentation built on more nuanced factors than the above-mentioned categories. For instance, a more precise segment would be “men, between 20-40 years of age, located in Bangalore, who have purchased athletic wear previously, interested in high quality products, and shops usually when sales and discounts are offered”. Such precise segmentation ensures more homogeneous groups than the traditional segmentation strategy. This translates to more accurate content and more customers taking the time to look through your messages. So why not utilize it? If your business hasn’t thought about it yet, now is the time to start.

The power of video personalization in micro-segments

Apart from micro-segmentation strategies, the type of content you choose can also have an impact on your marketing. These days video has become one of the most powerful and versatile digital marketing tools. Clear benefits are present in using video marketing for customer engagements, driving higher conversion rates and getting the best possible ROI. Now taking a step further and personalizing your video content adds a new dimension and competitive edge for your marketing. It could be as simple as including the customer’s name in the video or providing relevant product information based on the customer’s requirements. Such personalization provides a unique user experience while simultaneously boosting the trust and credibility of your brand. It can capture your customers’ attention and open the doors to new and exciting engagements. Video personalization should therefore be right at the pinnacle of your customer management strategy.

Our automated video personalization solution – GoCampaign Videos is a SaaS based personalized video platform designed to create, customize and relay thousands of personalized videos in one go! An automated marketing solution, GoCampaign can provide innovative video solutions to expedite your customer outreach programs. It can be integrated with any micro-segmentation strategy, guaranteed to make your marketing more personalized and successful. Moreover, one can also utilize and maximize the customer value to its fullest potential.

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