Personalised video invitations: Digitise the wedding emotions in your invite!

Weddings have always been a grand celebration, haven’t they? From the stage decorations, the flowers and the clothes, everything has to be perfect. There is no room for error. It’s a day to be at ones’ best, a day to remember for the rest of their life. You can imagine the amount of importance given to the celebration! But given the current circumstances, where safety is a top priority, large gatherings are frowned upon. This is a huge setback especially for those who dream of a big wedding, complete with friends and families surrounding them on their important day. What is a wedding if not an introduction and merging of emotions?

But all is not lost. Human beings are the most adaptable species on this planet. No matter the adversities they face, they are able to keep moving forward. After the recent disease outbreak, people were forced to be more creative and come up with different ways to ‘be together’ while still staying ‘6 feet apart’. Weddings that have always involved large gatherings had to accommodate the changing times as well. And it wasn’t long before friends and families started to meet and have fun together as usual. But not in the physical world; in the virtual world! Over the last couple of months, a number of gatherings (including weddings) were held on online video platforms such Zoom, Skype, etc. It allowed people to see one another and interact as usual while still maintaining the required distance. Given the technological advancements present, the transition to virtual spaces was quick and soon became a common occurrence.

The journey of wedding invitations from printed to digital to video

Even wedding invitations changed form during the crisis times. Traditionally, sending wedding invitations were a ritual in itself. The families would visit each and every guest, formally acknowledging them and informing them about the wedding. The invitations would be present just to highlight the important details and notify the guests of the wedding venue, date and time. But nowadays, under the current restrictions, just visiting someone else’s house poses a risk. Figuring out the invitation is another tedious job in itself. Starting with the design, the content, the guest list and the number of invites required, the job involves multiple rounds of discussions between the planners and the family. The invite usually goes through a number of revisions before it is finally approved. This can take up a sizable chunk in the planning time and moreover a sizable portion of the wedding budget. A much simpler, safe and cost-effective method is required to extend wedding invitations.

On addressing these issues, digital invitations have become very popular. Digitally designed invites or images mentioning the important details of the wedding are shared on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Not only does the news spread fast, but it is also a very cost-effective approach. The families are able to get instant feedback on the invites and are able to respond to further queries on the digital medium itself. But it is not just digital invitations that are in the rage; it is video invitations in particular. While both video and print medium convey the same information, video invitations have more flexibility in-built in them. Various graphics, special effects and audio can be added to the video invitation to make it more eye-catching. Not only will it be more visually attractive, it will also be able to hold the viewer’s attention till the very end. Video invitations are a more environment-friendly option as well, something which is appealing to the younger generation. They are more aware of the benefits of paper-free products and the effect they can have in the long run.



Personalised wedding video invitations – adding human emotions to digital invitations

Given these features, it is no surprise that more people are opting for video invitations for their wedding. If one wishes to take a step further, personalised wedding invitations would be the way to go. It has all the features of a standard video invitation along with a personal touch. Add the guest name in the video as if the video was just made for them, add personal elements that the guest might recollect; all of these can make an invitation more personal for your guest while still conveying the required information on the wedding. It lets the guests know that there is still a human emotion behind the screen extending the invitation, thus making the digital video invite feel special and enjoyable. The effort is taken to acknowledge each guest cannot be overlooked. If needed an element of interaction can also be incorporated into the invitation. Perhaps a link to a live video feed of the wedding function or the directions to the wedding venue in case they wish to travel. These interactive elements add a certain flair to the invitations while accommodating the current restrictions.

Personalised Wedding Video Invitations: A new offering for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners can include this value-added service as part of the wedding package as well. Every couple is unique and so should their wedding. Not only will these personalised invites show that you are willing to go the extra mile for the client, it will definitely make the event more memorable for the guests.

Technology partner or the design agency – who is your best bet?

But since these personalised wedding invites require a mixture of skills including creativity, technological skills and good design skills, not any company will do. A video or production house, though has exceptional design skills might not be the right fit since they lack the required technical skills to integrate the vast amount of data for personalised video invites. An IT firm, on the other hand, though excelling in the technical aspects might not be equipped with the necessary design abilities. The project will require a company with combined skills in all of these, video production, design and technical skills.

Selfanimate Personalised Wedding Video Invitations

Selfanimate is a leading-edge technology company with deep design sense and has been at the forefront of delivering video solutions to global customers. They can help you with the end-to-end process of managing the personalised video invitation process. Selfanimate comes with a wide range of highly creative, ready-to-use wedding video templates. Just choose a template, add the required information and customise it with your favorite images, content, music or audio, etc. Or if you like assistance with creating the wedding video invitation as per your liking, Selfanimate specialists can work on your brief and turnaround a unique wedding invitation video template, just as you desired, in quick time. All guest data can then be automatically integrated with the video template to create the hyper-personalised wedding invitations. It does not have to stop there – Selfanimate will also undertake the task of managing the video distribution globally – on social media like WhatsApp or as an SMS, giving you peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on other aspects of the wedding preparation.

Weddings of the future will have one thing in common. They are going to be globally allowing friends and family from all across the world to participate. And a big part of this transformation will start with the digital wedding invitation videos that will bring countless emotions together for a great beginning.

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