10 must-have elements to create a stunning digital Indian wedding card

Traditional elegance and modern technology – the right balance digital invitations offer, has made them the norm in modern-day wedding celebrations. But, with so many elements to consider, designing the perfect wedding invitation might feel overwhelming. To simplify, we’ve put together this list of 10 must-haves for making an Indian wedding card online. Let’s get creative.

1. Pick the right theme for the invite
You can choose the wedding theme, venue, or season of the year as the theme for your wedding e-invite design. Trust us, it feels satisfying and looks thoughtful. Let’s consider the digital wedding card of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. Themed in green and featuring beautiful flowering plants, the invite depicts their love for nature and celebrates new beginnings.

2. Structure the information in the card
Use a traditional structure to ease formatting woes and fill in the details easily. Here’s what to include:
– Host name and details (this will be the name of the parents. Optionally, you can add their qualifications or the organization they represent)
– Name of the couple (you can also add the qualifications or organization represented by the to-be-weds)
– Reception and wedding date and time
– Venue address
– List of rituals and their schedule
– Photos of the bride & groom
– Thank you message or a personal note to guests with RSVP contact
– Dress code (optional)

3. Add a virtual map for guests to locate the venue
If you found it difficult to locate the venue during your first visit, your out-of-town guests may find it even more difficult. A virtual map or mentioning a landmark saves time and reduces the risk of confusion while providing additional information and parking options.

4. A link to your gift registry
This one’s optional though. Gifting at Indian weddings is a must-do custom. Ever received multiple birthday gifts only to realize most are duplicates? A gift registry gives your guests a clear idea of your needs and eliminates the chances of gift duplication. They also allow them to see what has already been purchased off the list. There are many gift registry options available on the internet where you can register and use the portal to manage the gifts.

5. Include RSVP
RSVP allows guests to respond and helps you track the number of attendees. Also, you can make guests unable to attend the wedding feel included with a live-streaming link, if that is planned as part of the wedding. If you’re a celebrity like Hansika Motwani or Katrina Kaif, you can even sell the telecast rights of your wedding.

6. Stick to wedding card templates that have a pleasant look & feel
The quote “First impression is the best impression” may be a cliché, but true. A visually appealing Indian wedding invitation with an element of surprise creates anticipation and WOWs guests.

At Selfanimate, we provide attractive online wedding invitation video templates that capture the magnificence of your special day. Additionally, our wedding maker online offers a range of personalization options and edit features. So, you can create a wedding card that reflects your preferences and emotions. With our large inventory of readymade wedding invitation designs, you can create a custom digital wedding card that expresses your gratitude and showcases your culture.

Checkout some of Selfanimate’s latest wedding invitation video templates:

7. Add a cool background music
Choosing the right song uplifts the mood of your guests and sets the vibe of your love-filled wedding. You can decide among numerous Bollywood songs, such as “Saadi Gali” from Tanu weds Manu, “Pehlo Baar” from Dhadak, or “Love on Top” by Beyonce, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, that hit a different level. No one would want to miss the fun entertainment activities or enjoy mouthwatering meals dining next to loved ones.

8. Choose low size video file of good resolution
Consider using an Indian wedding invitation video maker like Selfanimate.com, which offers good quality wedding card templates with great designs at low file sizes for easy sharing. Choose resolutions appropriate for the platform you’ll share it on. Also, keep in mind the file format and duration of the video. That way, you create impressive invites that are easy to share.

9. Optimise the video for mobile
With most people accessing the internet via mobile, an optimized video that loads quickly, plays smoothly, and looks clearer is ideal. A WhatsApp wedding invitation made in a vertical format, allows you to reach out to guests who don’t have a desktop or high-speed internet. It also ensures higher viewing, sharing and more RSVPs. You can also make the wedding invitation video in landscape/desktop format if you plan to send the wedding invitation by email.

10. Integrate your wedding invitation with social media
Finally, social media integration lets you cover a wider audience – Your long-lost friends or out-of-touch colleagues who may not have received the invitation directly. It ensures higher engagement & reach and makes it easy for guests to locate your invite quickly.

Wrapping up
Digital wedding invites are economical, eco-friendly, easy and breezy. If you’re looking for unique, custom designs and features, Selfanimate can create them exclusively for you. Or you can choose from the hundreds of free easy-to-edit wedding and engagement invitation templates to unleash your creativity.

Incorporating these elements into a digital Indian wedding card can be a unique and memorable way to invite your friends and family to the special day. With the help of Selfanimate wedding maker online and our readymade wedding card templates, creating a digital Indian wedding card has become easy and accessible to all.

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