Step-by-step guide to planning a great Indian wedding

Love, laughter and happily ever after. Indian weddings are no less than Bollywood films – lots of emotions, drama, and action, not to mention the food. Unlike movies, where fate highly depends on the director or scriptwriter, yours relies on meticulous wedding planning. And without one, things are likely to fall apart faster than samosas stacked in the buffet tray.

So, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan your wedding to perfection. Let’s dive right in.

1. Decide on a budget
Whether you’re holding an extravagant North Indian wedding like Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor or a low-key one, creating a benchmark for your expenses ensures you don’t burn a hole in your expensive Sherwani pockets. Talk to your partner, decide on a budget, and stick to it to a feasible extent and reduce last-minute financial stress.

2. Pick the perfect venue
What is your wedding venue budget? Is it big enough to accommodate all your guests? Does it have hotels nearby for overnight stays? Does its ambiance align with the theme of your Indian wedding? Ask yourself these essential questions. Additionally, check if the venue has weather backup in case of a heavy downpour or hot spell.

3. Prepare a guest list
It can be challenging depending on how well you balance personal preferences and practical considerations. Keeping the size of the venue in mind, decide if it’s going to be just close friends and immediate family, or your extended family and colleagues too. Do keep in mind that the number of guests can have a significant impact on the overall budget.

4. Plan the rituals
Rituals are about emotional connections and social transitions. Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Holy mass, exchanging of vows, Nikah, Arsi Mushaf –Indian wedding rituals vary depending on region and religion. Irrespective, they form the base for a lifetime of commitment and love. Consult a wedding planner, priest, or an elder in the family to help you plan the rituals while keeping the budget and schedule in mind.

5. Choose the entertainment activities
Marriage is a serious business; doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Plan for an array of entertainment activities to lift your guests’ spirits and spice the ceremony up. DJs set the mode, evoke feelings and make people burn up the dance floor. Live bands with a music request box, photo booth with silly props, karaoke, having a live caricature artist, or playing The Shoe Game can create memories cherished for a lifetime. You can also add them to the wedding video invitation to WOW your guests.

6. Plan food and catering
Butter chicken, spicy paneer tikka, flavourful biryani and pulao, mouth-watering chaat, with sweets like juicy rasgullas, soft gulab jamuns, and ladoos – we’re sure the list made your mouth water. Yes, the flashiness of your wedding is evident from the type of cuisine and items you decide. A buffet-style meal or plated food with a set menu – the choice is yours. Even consider a food truck or an open bar with a signature cocktail for a unique twist. Whatever it be, ensure you have a taste test with your caterer in advance.

7. Decor and theme
Vibrant colours, intricate seasonal floral arrangements, ornate lighting, traditional motifs, and multicoloured fabric decorations give life to your themed weddings. Though traditional Indian themes are ideal, you can choose fusion themes that combine traditional elements with contemporary styles. Nevertheless, they should reflect your personality, religious sentiments and match the overall wedding aesthetics.

8. Timeline and project team
The perfect timeline includes all the rituals and ensures everything runs on time. As for the project team, involve key members of your family who can take up specific tasks that needs to be managed such as the florist, decorator, caterer, photographer, and wedding planner. They work together to bring your vision to life. Clear communication, proper instructions, and regular meetings with the ‘project team’ will help you keep tabs and ensure everything runs smoothly. No matter how well you plan, having a backup plan in case of unforeseen events can save the day.

9. Finally, choose the best wedding invitation
Choosing an e-invite in addition to the traditional marriage card enables you to invite guests quickly and in large numbers. Also, these online wedding cards are timeless, cost-effective, eco-friendly, easy to track, and convenient. The best video maker online, such as Selfanimate, allows you to add your creative spin and customise your save-the-date, or engagement invite or the wedding invitation card. Happy with the video preview? Register and download the invite for free or make a professional-looking wedding invite video without watermark for sharing via WhatsApp, Facebook, email or other social media.

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In conclusion
With these planning tips in mind, you are now ready to start executing your special Indian wedding. Selfanimate is happy to provide you practical guidance, to make sure the big day is perfect and unforgettable.

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