About Selfanimate

Share your most memorable experiences with the people you care the most about!

Selfanimate is an innovative cloud-based video making platform that offers endless possibilities for creating awesome business and personal videos. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to create high-quality customized videos with a professional touch. We put our customer at the core of everything we do and this reflects not only in our video platform experience but also in our team spirit.

Playing around with technology has never been more fun. Selfanimate's patent-pending technology is completely different from other video makers available online. So, go ahead and combine your creative instincts with lots of inspiration and imagination and make amazing videos in minutes.

Selfanimate is backed by professionals with more than three decades of experience in building marketing videos for our customers. We bring the same level of professionalism, passion and possibilities to people with no technical expertise whatsoever. Our strong team of designers and developers, and strong development processes backed by top-notch technology help us produce and deliver more than 5000 videos a day, seamlessly.

Our no strings attached approach has helped Selfanimate become a reliable, transparent and dependable platform for video creation. Now anyone can make professional looking business and personal videos within minutes with high-grade content and effects. Create videos with the help of hundreds of video templates with minimal effort. Our team has worked very hard to make it work for you!

If you enjoy the experience of creating customized videos using Selfanimate, please share your experience with us and help us improve the platform further. If you haven't made a video yet, Selfanimate is waiting for you to get started. Create an account now and start making awesome videos in minutes.