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Marathi wedding rituals are known for their simplicity and clarity of purpose. Simply beautiful, these weddings begin with Aaple Lagne (engagement), Sakharpuda, followed by Halad chadavane - the equivalent of Haldi of North. Seemant pujan, welcome to the groom. Gaurihar puja for the Bride, wearing a Mundavalya. Antarpat or benign blessings, then Sankalp - Holy Pledge, followed by Kanyadan - with the blessings of the bride's father, the groom ties the Mangalsutra. Lagna Patrikas or Wedding Invitations are highly revered in the scheme of events. While creating an online wedding video invitation, Selfanimate has taken full account of the rituals, purpose, and sentiments behind each ritual. Marrying technology to tradition, we have made creating digital wedding invitations so very easy, with several options to choose from. You can create the marriage video invite and share it through Whatsapp instantly.

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