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The celebrations for Onam are held for ten days, beginning with the atham asterism in the month of Chingam. It is a harvest festival and commemorates the coming of the Vamana avatar of Vishnu and the subsequent homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali whose spirit is said to be visiting Kerala every year during Onam. On this day, religion, caste or creed is not of importance and Malayalis anywhere celebrate it with great zeal by creating the flower carpets or pookolam, buying new clothes, and preparation of an elaborate vegetarian meal that is called the ‘onasadya’. Selfanimate Onam video greetings gracefully relive some of the nostalgic and fun moments of Onam. Edit any of the curated Onam greeting templates with photos, messages and music, and share a Happy Onam Greeting video with your friends and family instantly.

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