Explore the next level of video creation with Selfanimate easy step-by-step approach. Create awesome online greeting videos and online invitation videos with amazing animation effects and great music, and make your stories come alive.

Steps to edit and make your video

  • 1

    Select the video template you want to customise

    Browse our extensive category of greeting and invitation video templates from our main menu. Select the ideal video template for your occasion and edit it.

  • 2

    Edit with your photos, text and music

    Depending on where you plan to use the video, choose the format first. Select the vertical/mobile format, for instance, if you wish to share the video on your phone. After selecting the video format, continue editing the video slides.

    Please click the 'EDIT VIDEO FOR ME' button in the EIDT section of any template if you don't have the time to edit the video yourself or if you need help.

  • 3

    Preview and finish your video

    After editing all of the video slides in the template with your images, text, and music (optional), give the video project a name and choose whether to finish it in "Standard" or "Priority."

  • 4

    Register and download your video

    At this time, kindly sign in to your Selfanimate account or, if you don't already have one, register by entering your email address. Your video will be finished and forwarded to you through email if you selected the "Standard" option. The payment page will be displayed if you selected the 'Priority' option. Your Selfanimate account will be debited in accordance with template pricing if there is credit available in your account. When the video is finished, it will be delivered to your email or made available for direct download from the website.

  • 5

    Share the video

    Your downloaded video is ready to share. Publish it instantly on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.