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India is a land rich in culture, religion, and spirituality. Telugu weddings are comparable to other Indian weddings, yet unique in their traditions where women hold equal standing and respect. Mangala snanam, Ganesh or Gowri puja, Terasala, Kanyadanam, Jeelakara-bellam, Thalamralu, and so on. Telugu weddings reflect the family traditions and significance for the society, symbolising mental, physical, and spiritual union. Three knots with Mangalasutram signify a pledge to stay together in thoughts (Manasa), speech (Vaacha), and actions (Karmana). We at Selfanimate, wedding slideshow maker online, symbolise the sentiments documented in rituals, through visuals, music, and appropriately worded Telugu wedding video invitation templates, with an easy process to edit with your custom text and photos. You can reach out to your guests across the globe through these digitally made online wedding video invitations.

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