Why use Selfanimate Housewarming Video Invite Templates

A housewarming ceremony is an Indian traditional ritual performed when one shifts into a new home for the first time, to purify the environment and protect the house from negative energies. Friends and relatives are invited to attend and bless the family on this occasion. Hosting a housewarming ceremony requires a lot of preparation and work. One of the main tasks is inviting the guests. For this, the best thing to do is to create a warm gruha pravesh e-invite and circulate the housewarming invitation message in advance with family and friends. Nothing quite leaves a lasting impression as a well-drafted housewarming video invitation. Create your online Grihapravesham video invite on Selfanimate. Choose from the ready-to-use gruha pravesh video invitations, and the simple and easy-to-edit templates that can be shared on all digital media. These are inexpensive e-invites to ensure that your guests are reminded at the right moment and you celebrate the housewarming together.

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