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Vishu is the first day of the month of Medam, according to the Hindu calendar. It marks the beginning of the Malayali New Year and is celebrated by Malayalis all across the world. It is considered auspicious to start the first day of the new year by seeing the Vishukkani. Vishukkani also pronounced Vishukani, is a collection of fruits, vegetables, rice, flowers, currency notes, and gold, along with the Ramayanam or Bhagavadgita which are offered in prayers to Lord Krishna. Families greet each other and invite them home to celebrate the new year. Vishu Sadhya, is an important event during Vishu where the families and loved ones come together to savour delectable Kerala specialty dishes. Selfanimate online video maker has specially curated Vishu greeting videos that you can customize with your Vishu greeting text or message, send to friends and family, and share on Whatsapp.

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