Half Saree Function Video Invite Templates

Why use Selfanimate Half Saree Function Video Invite Templates

Half saree functions or half-saree parties are mainly performed by South Indian Hindu families. This ritual is performed when the girl is at the age of 9, 11, or 13 years and she attains puberty. It signifies her readiness for marriage. Close family, relatives, friends, and cousins are invited to participate and give their blessings to the girl. The girl is dressed in langa voni, also called pavadai daavani in Tamil or langa daavani in Kannada, a traditional dress worn in South India by young girls during this ritualistic function. The celebration starts by inviting guests to the function and that is where Selfanimate half-saree function video invites are highly relevant. The digital video invitation is ideal to invite friends and family online on Whatsapp. The professionally designed ready-made video templates can be edited with the specific details of your half saree function and you can create a custom video invite in just minutes.

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