Why use Selfanimate Punjabi Wedding Video Invite Templates

Punjabi weddings are highly spirited events truly reflecting the warmth of the Sikh and Punjabi communities. A vast majority have established their presence worldwide. While the rituals and traditions are highly revered, Punjabis' penchant for music, dance - Bhangra, and parties guarantee fun in every event. Capturing the true Punjabi spirit and its essence, Selfanimate has created online wedding video invitation templates with an assortment of colours, carefully crafted designs, and content placeholders. Roka, Chunni, Sagai - or engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Kangana-bandhna, Chhoda-chadana, Haldi, Ghara-ghardoli, Sehrabandi, Ghodi-sajana, Varmala, Madhuperka, Kanyadan, Mangalphere, Sindoor-daan and Vidaai are common rituals that find mention in the Punjabi wedding invitation. Rich and elegant visuals, scintillating music with compelling content, make our wedding invitation videos the best fit for the Punjabi wedding occasion.

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