Why use Selfanimate Puja Video Invitation Templates

India is a land of esoteric customs and beliefs. Puja, spelled pooja, is the loving offering of light, flowers, water or food to the divine, and is the essential ritual of Hinduism. They are considered the essential avenue to get in touch with the supreme self in a mode desired by the individual or family. Puja is done to pray to God for the fulfillment of a certain desire or wants, to gain freedom from suffering, and to get God's blessings for marriage or other important occasions. Some pujas may be performed by the worshipper alone, whereas others include the gathering of many people. Selfanimate Puja Invitations Templates are used for inviting friends and family to attend a ritualistic function. Whether is the Lakshmi pooja or the Sunderkand Path or Bhagwat Katha, or any other pooja, these ready-made video templates can be customised with the details of the function and shared with invitees on their mobiles or emails.

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