Personalized customer journeys: What your business needs right now.

For the growth and development of any business in today’s climate, building a loyal customer base is of critical importance. According to a recent study, the probability of selling something to an existing customer is as much as 60-70% in the current times. But amassing such a loyal customer base can be difficult, if not near impossible given the remote and disconnected relations they have with brands and companies today. Moreover, the digital marketplace has completely revolutionized customer interactions, purely from a transactional nature, leaving very little in terms of loyalty and brand affinity. The digital-first customers navigate through a multitude of channels and expect brands and companies to reach them at the right place, at the right moment, and with the most contextual message that resonates with them. It is therefore imperative then, for you and your business, to utilize every tool in your arsenal to provide exceptional personalized customer experiences, and secure the fading customer loyalty.

Providing a seamless experience requires the ability to continuously adapt customer experience management strategies to the changing user behavior, across all touchpoints. Personalized video marketing can be of assistance here – using customer data to deliver unique and targeted video marketing messages to every prospect at every interaction. They place emphasis on relevant and specific content delivered at optimal times. This differs from traditional marketing strategies, which involve highly generic text-based messages relying more on sheer quantity to gather the public’s attention.

How to create personalized customer journeys

To generate personalized experiences, collecting customer data from different points of interaction is crucial, especially in the early stages. By analyzing the collected data and user behavior, companies can leverage contextual information to provide unique and personalized solutions at or after every touchpoint. Not only does this allow for a seamless customer journey, but also boosts conversions and increases customer satisfaction. For instance, when a bank onboards a new customer, a personalized welcome video with the account details can be triggered to the new customer. This helps in establishing the relationship right from the start.

Sample new customer onboarding video:

When the same customer visits the bank website and browses through a new product page, a personalized video with the specific product information can be triggered, making it easier for him to know more about the product and assist him with making a decision. These actions are delivered based on the customer’s preferences at any given moment. The bank can also stay relevant throughout his journey with the bank by automatically sending him the account summaries and recommendations, and also acknowledge him on his special days by triggering personalized video messages on their birthday, anniversary, etc.

Sample video of personalized birthday wish

These personalized video experiences can not only optimize customer experiences but also increase overall customer value and engagement.

Implementing an effective video personalization strategy, however, is a difficult task. Businesses require specific skill sets, advanced video production technology and digital tools that can deliver automated and contextualized messages to multiple users in a streamlined manner. Having the options and means to track and analyze the results of your personalized video marketing campaigns would be an added bonus to improve future personalization.

GoCampaignVideos for personalized customer journeys

GoCampaignVideos is a multi-tenant SaaS platform that provides end-to-end personalized video marketing solutions for improving customer experiences. Currently video content holds the most influence over modern customer engagements. GoCampaignVideos scales the process and embraces a combination of video and data personalization strategies to design truly engaging customer interactions. With in-built AI and programming that can be integrated into all customer touchpoints or customer journeys, GoCampaignVideos can be used to automatically trigger highly contextualized and personalized videos while measuring and tracking your campaign results using real-time analytics.

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