How omnichannel video personalization can redefine customer experiences

The evolution of digital technology in recent years has significantly altered the ways in which businesses and customers interact with each other. Customers nowadays have a wide range of options available to access company information or their services. With the ease and comfort offered by digital technology, they are no longer limited to one channel of interaction or one device either. They can look through the products and services offered by a retailer on their mobile app, but ultimately purchase them on their website or retail store. According to a recent study, as much as 73% of customers surveyed use multiple channels during their shopping journey. If marketing can cash in on these changes and employ appropriate strategies, it can effectively boost the brand value and revenues in the long run.

What is omnichannel personalization?

Omnichannel personalization strategies provide relevant and contextualized customer experiences, not limited by the channel or device being used. All user behavior and activities, across the multitude of devices and channels used by customer, are taken into account to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience. For instance, imagine a customer browsing through the athletic wear section in a retail clothing store app, but due to unknown reasons abandons their cart. By using omnichannel personalization, it is possible to re-target the customer through another device or channel such as web push notifications or personalized advertisements in their social media. Omnichannel personalization is a personalized customer-centric experience delivered using a combination of AI-based data models. All customer interactions on a channel are coordinated and conveyed with other channels to create a consistent and unified message for the individual customer.

Why choose omnichannel personalization

Furthering the business footprint or market share requires a loyal and trusting customer base. To achieve this, customers need to be satisfied not only by the products and services offered by the company, but also their experience throughout the customer journey. Every customer interaction thus becomes a valuable opportunity for the company in securing and keeping a customer. By using omnichannel marketing, and taking into consideration cross-channel and cross-device factors, you can create a simple and seamless consumer journey. According to a recent study, companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to those with weak omnichannel strategies which retain only 33%. By personalizing marketing content and opting for omnichannel personalization, you can take a step further and provide a more efficient and contextualized customer experience which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Why choose videos for omnichannel personalization

These days, customers rarely take the time to read promotional messages in its entirety. Video, with its high customer engagement, has emerged as a popular form of marketing content. Its dynamic form makes it more memorable than static text and can thus improve brand recall and awareness. Videos can also be hyper-personalized using the power of customer data and converted into unique experiences, leading to an increase in purchasing intent as well. Given these benefits of video marketing, and the advantages of omnichannel personalization, the benefits accrued by combining them are numerous. Videos are a highly accessible form as well and thus an ideal fit for omnichannel personalization strategies across multiple touchpoints.

Redefine omnichannel customer experience with personalized marketing from a trusted partner

GoCampaignVideos is a SaaS-based, innovative video marketing platform that empowers businesses to build higher customer engagements, drive conversions, and improve brand loyalty by tapping into the power of customer data integrated with dynamic videos. All GoCampaignVideos’ solutions, be it the personalized social media videos, the dynamic online videos or the 1-to-1 video marketing solutions, can be effortlessly integrated with omnichannel marketing strategies and be used in unison across all channels to deliver hyper-personalized, omnichannel brand experiences.

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