Transform customer acquisition strategies using personalized videos

The foundation of any business is its customers. Without their constant support and engagement, business infrastructures can crumble without notice. Needless to say, the acquisition and retention of customers are of great importance for a company. Acquisition, in particular, requires huge investments in time and money. A well-designed customer acquisition strategy is thus necessary to attract new customers while keeping marketing costs low.

Since the pandemic, maintaining a healthy pipeline funnel has become more difficult. Restrictions imposed on travel and large gatherings have hampered business interactions with prospects/customers. Sales activities have consequently declined and reflects in the pipeline quality and quantity. With most business transactions occurring in the digital space, acquisition strategies need to be reassessed and reformulated for optimum lead nurturing.

Personalized videos can be a valuable customer acquisition method, especially considering the current times.

The importance of trust

Establishing trust and confidence in your company is key in the customer acquisition phase. Only by creating a positive relationship between your brand and your customers can you accelerate conversions. Starting the process on such a positive note can also increase brand loyalty and retention rates in the future. It is hence crucial to design content that is both necessary and useful for customers.

One also needs to be consistent in their branding and marketing efforts throughout the customer acquisition process. Any gaps present between the promised and delivered can dishearten your customers and cause them to leave the funnel.

How personalized videos can help

By sending only relevant and contextualized content to your customers, you can start building a strong foundation of trust. As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts “How personalized videos are improving brand trust and loyalty for businesses”, personalizing customer interactions can spark interest and confidence in your brand, both vital when converting leads to sales.

Using video as a medium can also help customers better comprehend your products and services. It is attention-grabbing and can be used to explain complex concepts in a simple manner. Creating such visually-appealing content can be the final push necessary for conversion. Automating your personalized video marketing based on CTA triggers can also give customers the information they require quickly and efficiently.

Effectively use personalized videos in customer acquisition strategy

The first and most important aspect when designing an acquisition strategy is figuring out your target audience. Once you collect data on your target audience, such as who they are, their interests, occupation, preferred channels, you can start creating an effective customer acquisition strategy using personalized videos. The next question is then how do we effectively use personalized videos in the customer acquisition strategy?

Explainer videos: Since customers have to first get acquainted with the products or services offered by a company, informational content such as product explainer videos and brand introductions are important in the customer acquisition phase. Personalizing these videos can take your marketing to the next level and pave the way for further communications.

Dynamic online videos: Add dynamic online videos on your website landing pages to attract new customers. Having relevant and compelling visual content on your home page and product pages can help customers in understanding your products better.

Personalized social media marketing: Using personalized videos in your social media marketing can greatly enhance your customer outreach. Cater to all your customers’ different interests using personalized social media videos. Social media is also the best place for your marketing videos to go viral. As mentioned in a previous blog post, “Build Virality In Social Media With Personalized Social Video Marketing”, data-driven videos can be used to build better emotional connections on social media and drive connectivity and engagement.

Personalized videos can also be coupled with other methods of customer acquisition, namely email marketing or SMS marketing. While an SMS or emails might be more of an outdated method of communication right now, they are effective in connecting and engaging with your customers directly. Send personalized videos directly to your customers’ mailing inbox or send hybrid SMS messages to drive deeper engagement.

Design compelling and personalized video marketing initiatives with GoCampaignVideos. A SaaS-based automated marketing solution, it can help create relevant and data-driven personalized videos to build one-on-one connections with your customers. From video production to distribution, GoCampaignVideos can help in all stages of your customer acquisition strategy.

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