Revolutionize marketing and stay connected with customers amidst the pandemic waves

Life during the pandemic cycles has been tough, to put it bluntly. In addition to the impact on public health and safety, the pandemic has disrupted operations in a number of industries world-wide. For a select few, partial recovery to the pre-pandemic normal is at sight, but for others it might take more time than anticipated. A time of crisis can also be seen as a time of opportunity. It offers businesses a moment to reflect, reassess and reframe their current business models.

Rather than just responding to the immediate threat with temporary solutions, taking the time and effort to think outside the box, and come up with new ways of problem-solving, can help create a redefining moment for both the business and the customers. Many leading brands who innovated their strategy and have emerged successful were widely recognized and written about. Here are some lesser-knowncompanies which have stayed resilient during the crisis and pivoted towards new and innovative solutions to tackle the growing disconnect with their customers:

  • Popular media and hospitality magazine, Time Out, has temporary re-branded itself as Time In midst the lockdown. In an effort to stay relevant to its readers in quarantine, Time Out magazine now promotes local gigs, theater productions and exhibitions that are being streamed online. By supporting local businesses affected by the pandemic as well, Time Out magazine’s initiative has managed to strike a chord with readers across the world.
  • Perfect Corp, a beauty tech solutions provider, noticed rising interest in their beauty app, Youcam Makeup. It decided to collaborate with various cosmetic brands and offer AR virtual makeup ‘try-on’ experiences for their customers. An innovative move to showcase Perfect Corp’s leading technologies and allow cosmetic brands to stay connected with their customers through interactive experiences.
  • Peloton, a company which focuses on health and fitness, adapted quickly to the new market landscape in the wake of the pandemic. Since the virus kept gatherings to a minimum, people were forced to exercise within the confines of their own home. Peloton soon became a household name with its exercise equipment and interactive fitness platform that offered creative ways to work out together, virtually.

Humanizing the Brand
These companies were able to make their mark in the pandemic by following two key strategies, humanizing the company and providing a service of value. To humanize the brand, companies need to show that they care and understand their customers’ needs in these trying times. Only with a customer-centric and relatable attitude can businesses expect continued progress. Companies should also offer services that are of consequence, that add a distinct value to present circumstances, rather than focusing only on profits. Doing so can reinforce trust and loyalty in the company, even post the pandemic. Additionally, the dedicated efforts to go above and beyond the company’s usual services can reinforce faith in the company.

Enter personalized video marketing
An avenue to consider, which can humanize your brand and your brand message, is personalized video marketing – an innovative combination of two digital concepts, video and data-driven personalization. Video is a powerful digital marketing tool that can let people see, hear and make connections despite the physical distance. It can be used to promote company products and services, give virtual tours and share information in engaging ways. Personalization, if performed effectively, can capture empathy and understanding. For businesses, it can humanize their brand and their digital communications. Companies that lead with empathy can foster stronger bonds with their customers and instill faith in their services. Combining these two concepts, personalized videos have the potential to provide exceptional customer experiences and bridge the gap between businesses and their customers.

GoCampaignVideos personalized videos for stronger connections and higher engagements
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