Personalised online wedding invitations – the new trend in Indian weddings

Conventionally, families preparing for a wedding would visit each guest in their homes and hand over the printed wedding invitation card with the guest’s name on it. The custom of inviting guests personally was an expected one and was part of the traditional practices followed in every religion and state in India. While this practice of wedding invitation came with the hassle of having to plan early, printing the invitation cards months ahead, and preparing the guest list with their correct addresses, and finally, calling guests to confirm a personal visit etc… the whole process was tedious and time consuming.

Over the years, with people moving places, changes in lifestyle and practices, and lack of time for doing anything non-critical, digital invitations have progressively become acceptable in today’s Indian weddings. That said, while digital wedding cards have eased many challenges faced by families preparing for the marriage, the personal touch was lost in the bargain. The face-to-face meeting, sharing the wedding card, the happy conversations, the handshakes and hugs, the excitement were all missed. Families are looking for ways to recreate these emotions and share their happiness with close friends and relatives while using a digital wedding invitation. And it’s here that personalised digital wedding invitations have taken root.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of a perfect personalised marriage invitation video.

Online wedding invitations do not require advanced levels of creativity or skill
Readymade wedding invitation templates make it easy for anyone to make their wedding invitation ecard or video in minutes. Online wedding invitation video makers like Selfanimate to the rescue! Those of us who don’t know how to make a wedding invitation can now create beautiful video invitations by selecting a wedding invite template from hundreds of curated video templates available. Additionally, they have a low cost of making and distribution compared to their physical counterparts. For a memorable WhatsApp wedding invitation, you can even make hobby-themed videos by choosing from a variety of templates, fonts, styles, and colors. Check out the Selfanimate library of wedding video invitation templates.

Engagement invitation templates

Save-the-Date invitation templates

Wedding invitation templates

Personalise the wedding invitation automatically
With a large guest list, creating personalised invitations for every guest is a tough task. Selfanimate online video maker is a great choice to create beautiful wedding video invitations that can be personalised for each guest. Selfanimate personalisation technology will program the video and integrate the guest’s name and other details exactly where the data should display in the video invite, so that the invite will look highly customised for each guest. The fully automated technology platform can accomplish this task for hundreds or thousands of guests so that you don’t have to manually personalise all the video invitations yourself.

In a way, very much like old times where the envelopes carried the guest’s name on them, personalised digital wedding invitations will make your guests feel welcomed and acknowledged.

Spend less time with the delivery process
With the intelligent technology behind personalised invitations, you will spend less time coordinating the assembly and delivery of the invitation. The personalised digital wedding video invite can be mapped to each guest in your list automatically, and their specific video invite sent to them on WhatsApp or email or SMS. You won’t have to worry about less exciting tasks that come with printed or regular online invitations like sending to each guest one by one, tracking delivery, tracking RSVP etc…

Reach your guests anywhere
Digital wedding invites help you reach your guests wherever in the world they are, in the quickest possible time. The connected ecosystem where mobile and emails are part of our everyday life, reaching your wedding invite to the right person is no more a challenge. As a backup measure, you can send the personalised digital wedding invitation to a person’s WhatsApp, email or SMS, and additionally share it on social media too. There is no fear of lost delivery when you are using an online invitation process to invite friends and family.

Manage the RSVPs effectively
Online wedding invitation platforms like Selfanimate will allow you to add interactive RSVP features in the personalised wedding video invite, so that you can digitally track the RSVPs from each guest. You won’t have to make your own spreadsheet to account for RSVPs offline.

Save money
The most obvious reason to use online wedding invitations is that it saves you money. With paper invitations, you not only have to spend money on customising the design and wedding details, but you also have to spent on printing envelopes or other creative packaging, and account for the cost of posting the invite. Using online invitations is easy on the pocket and an affordable and convenient alternative to paper wedding invitation cards.

Save nature with eco-friendly wedding invites
Most guests don’t hold on to the printed wedding invitations they receive. They get tossed in the trash bin or get recycled as soon as the wedding is over. Either way, that’s a lot of paper used. But when you send wedding invitations online, there’s no physical footprint. Digital wedding invites are a greener, more ecofriendly option to save the planet and its trees.

More than a wedding video slideshow maker: Selfanimate for personalising wedding videos
Selfanimate personalisation service for integrated wedding invites. As a value-added service, the Selfanimate team will work with you to design the unique marriage video invitation you have dreamt of. And of course, we will enable our technology to personalise each marriage invitation as per your guest list. And finally, we will distribute your wedding invite online according to your liking, be it on WhatsApp, email, SMS or social media.

Personalised digital wedding invites may seem complex and technical, but in reality, they are easy to deploy, highly affordable, and a convenient alternative to paper-based wedding invitations.

Regardless of what direction you take your wedding planning, make sure you’re choosing the best option that works best for your budget and your need. Please consider our tips for choosing between paper invitation, standard digital invitation, and a personalised video invite for your wedding.

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