5 Tips to brand your wedding in 2022

The most memorable weddings are the ones packed with customised touches, that represent the new couple and the common ideas and expectations they bring. Branding a wedding is a great way to show guests the union in thought and action right from the beginning. Branded weddings strengthen the identity of a couple making everyone feel the “wedding was so them.”

Over the last few years, wedding planning has undergone dramatic transformations. Thematic weddings, where the entire wedding is colour-coordinated with a common theme are the trend for today’s Indian weddings. From wedding invitations, decor, and costumes to even the food and activities everything is customised to go with the branding or theme of the wedding.

Branding a wedding has several benefits. For starters, it lends general aesthetic guidelines to tie your entire event together. It also simplifies design decisions by giving them a structure and streamlines your planning. Lastly, a branded wedding is a great way for communicating your wedding vision to the guests.

That said, branding your wedding is about deciding what your celebration will embody – visually and emotionally. Colours, ambiance, personalised elements, and thoughtful details are used to string together a beautifully coordinated, themed wedding.

The key elements of a branded wedding:

List the themes to focus on
Start the planning by answering “what does it mean to brand your day?” the signature visual elements that reflect your personality. They will be referenced throughout your celebration: from design to decor and beyond.

The inspiration for the branded Indian wedding could come from anywhere. We’ve seen couples design memorable celebrations around their love for a hobby (music, cricket, football, and more) or a shared passion for culture or travel translated into wedding ideas. Based on this theme, sprinkle the elements throughout your wedding.

For example, you’d want to opt for an eco-friendly wedding. The ideas could include earthy colors, reusable decoration, having e-invites to reduce your carbon footprint, and even making use of LED lights to save electricity.

Create a wedding-themed logo
After deciding on the theme, the next step is to develop a wedding logo. When creating a branded wedding, having a symbol or logo is the perfect way to bring all the elements together. A symbol or logo with the couple’s name initials is a great idea to show love, trust, and unity. You can also use these initials everywhere in the wedding – on the wedding invitations, videos, decorations, and around the bridal seating. You can even animate the logo and use it as an opener for your video invite. Check out some of the logo animation templates on Selfanimate online video maker.

Create a wedding video invite aligned with the wedding theme
The save-the-date wedding invitation is the first hint you give your guests about the branding of your wedding. You can follow it up with the online wedding invitation made in the same theme as the save the date invite. The colours, theme, style, and images will help you tell the story behind the wedding. For example, if your wedding theme is florals, your online wedding save the date invite and the main wedding invite could unite modern typography with beautiful floral designs.

Looking to create your marriage invitation video? Online video maker Selfanimate makes it easy for you to match the branding of the theme wedding in the video invite. The branded wedding invitation enables the guests to connect with your wedding ideas while giving them the information they need in a fun, intuitive, and personal way. Check out the vast library of wedding online invitation templates on Selfanimate that you can edit in minutes.

If you are looking for an online wedding invitation that is unique and specific to your wedding theme, Selfanimate offers two options:
1. Customize any readymade video invitation template – Choose the “edit video for me” feature of any invitation video template. Our team of invitation video makers will work with you offline to customize the template as per your requirements. Be it adding more frames, photos, or other elements to the template, we’ll make it all.
2. Create a brand-new branded wedding invitation – When you have a unique idea, you will need someone to translate that idea into an invitation video. Selfanimate customisation services can take up fresh requests and work on your wedding video invitation from scratch.

Select venue and decorations to match the themed wedding concept
Let’s say the farm-fresh celebration is the branded wedding theme. The venue would be outdoors such as a farm, with exciting wedding motifs. The fresh air sets an excellent vibe along with live music. The casual atmosphere is a perfect choice for couples with an appreciation for nature. The overall decorations could be laid-back.

● Colourful linen decorations elevate the sophistication of the venue
● Include native flowers and biodegradable farm decor like hay to decorate the space for a rustic look
● Go generous with the use of lights and candles
● Be prepared for an imperfect weather

Instead of going too theme-y, think of small and clever moments to get the visual message across to the guests.

Decide the dress code for the couple
One of the most critical elements of a perfect branded wedding design is the dress code, whether you’re going for a modern or traditional theme.

For example, if it’s a beach wedding, the dress code can be topical-themed. Florals and prints would be a perfect fit as they have a soothing and relaxed feel, just like your wedding. Or if your branded wedding is farm-themed, the dress code could be yellow or orange dresses and kurtas with sunglasses. Make sure the attire colours reflect the overall wedding theme colours. The main members of the family can use the colour schemes of the themed wedding for their attire as well.

Pss..one last tip for your branded wedding: Stay consistent
A branded wedding aims to keep the design cohesive across everything. Once you decide the theme of the branded wedding and its elements, trust your choices and enjoy the branded results. Most importantly, have fun and everything else will be icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

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