10 Creative Greeting Ideas for Christmas & New Year That You Probably Never Thought Off

Can you feel the magic in the air? Well, the festive season is approaching and it is a perfect time to share a bit of your happiness with family and friends. Sending inspired greetings ecards takes time and effort as some prefer their wishes the traditional way while others want it to be funny or thoughtful for that matter. With our Christmas and New Year video maker tool, you can impress your loved ones with creative and engaging greetings.

To make the process even easier this year, we’ve compiled 10 creative greeting ideas to offer you inspiration:

1. Special greetings with personal photos: If you wish to surprise your loved ones with a special holiday greeting, use this template, available in landscape and portrait view, to create a unique card. Upload yours and your family’s photos, add message and send your loved ones a heartwarming message. Click here

2. 3D video greeting: Add a little extra life to your greeting cards by selecting this 3D video greeting card. The enchanting 3D animation will ensure that your wishes stand out this festive season. Click here

3. Sparkling Christmas tree: Let the beautiful fairy angel announce that the new year is here. Use this eye-catching video to send heartwarming wishes. Customise it by adding your name, a heartwarming message and your video will be ready in a few minutes. Click here

4. Santa on his sleigh: Nothing captures the mood of Christmas than an animation of Santa on his sleigh. Bring joy to your family and friends with a lovely animated card by personalising it. Click here

5. Animated Christmas Angel: Share your happiness and send your wishes to your loved ones with this beautiful online video template. The template is perfect for Christmas greeting cards, promos and a lot more. Click here

6. Traditional Christmas decor card: If you love those traditional greeting cards that feature Christmas decorations, here is a greeting video that matches your taste. Personalise with your company logo, text and music and spread the cheer. Click here

7. Short and sweet season greetings card: This joyful greeting template is vibrant and cherry and at the same time short. Available in landscape and portrait mode, this is an animated Christmas greeting card with a revolving Christmas tree. Simply add your name, add your message and send love to your family, friends, colleagues and business partners.  Click here

8. Lively animated card: If you are looking for something elaborate and lively to convey the holiday spirit, this lively card is perfect for you. It captures the excitement of the holiday season with bright colours, animation and lively music. Click here

9. A reindeer greeting card: Spread the holiday cheer with this adorable 3D animation Christmas greeting card that features a charming animated reindeer. This simple and yet elegant greeting video is ideal for family, friends, business partners and everyone with whom you would love to share your love. Click here

10. New Year countdown card: Send lovely wishes to your loved ones as the clock strikes 12 and ushers in the New Year. Use this beautiful video temperate to create a perfect online greeting card. Click here

Send personalised greetings this festive season with Christmas and new year video maker

Our AI-based online video maker offers you a huge collection of video templates for all occasions. Our templates are easy to edit. You can add texts, photos and logos to create personalised videos in a few minutes. Check out our happy new year video and Christmas greeting photo video maker templates to send your loved greetings that stand out.

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