DIY wedding invitation ideas you can do yourself

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we understand that you are looking to make it memorable and unique for everyone including yourself. Wedding invitations are the first step towards that special day. Creating a wedding invitation that stands out can be a challenging task, especially since it requires high levels of creativity and skill.

If you’re in search of a unique, affordable Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding invitation idea, this article is for you. We have curated a list of fascinating DIY ideas to turn your wedding invitation into precious memorabilia for your close ones.

Why should you create DIY wedding invitations?
With all options available, why are people opting for DIY wedding invitations? Glad that you’ve asked. Let us list out 5 main benefits when you make your own wedding invites.

● Budget-friendly – The biggest nightmare for any marriage is the constantly increasing cost. With a hundred things going on at the same time, it’s extremely difficult to wrap things up within the stipulated budget. But with help from a DIY wedding invitation maker like Selfanimate, you can save on budgets and at the same time make yourself a professional-looking wedding invitation video. No searching for creative agencies or outsourcing to a wedding planner who will charge an arm and a leg to create an online wedding invitation.

● You become the CEO of creativity – It’s your marriage, so why settle for someone else’s idea? Instead of following the ideas that have been implemented several times before, why not turn the wedding invite into a unique and memorable one with a small touch of your own creativity?

● Create deeper connections with close ones – In a wedding, every small step matters, to create a wholesome and fulfilling experience. Be the catalyst with custom-made wedding invitations that will bring you closer to your loved ones. Selfanimate video personalization service allows you to personalize each digital invite with the guest’s name. It is equivalent to sending a printed card with the guest’s name handwritten on the envelope.

● More flexibility in your arsenal – In a wedding, things hardly stay in control. One should leave enough room for last-minute changes. DIY wedding invitations empower you to take stock and be in control. Any last-minute change in the wedding program, modifications to the invitation design such as fonts, photos, or changes in the RSVP details – you can resolve these issues faster and better than anyone else. Imagine reprinting printed cards because someone decided to change the RSVP phone number!

● Work smart, not hard – With all the tools and technologies available at your disposal, you don’t need to break your head to make your dream wedding invitation. You can achieve great results, with the least effort by using ready-made DIY wedding video invite templates from Selfanimate. Edit any template by changing the text, image, or music track and you are ready to go with a stunning wedding video invite. Share it on WhatsApp or social media and get the celebrations started.

Unique ideas to utilize while designing your wedding invitations
With the DIY invitation, you transform your ideas into reality. We have listed down a few ideas to make your life a bit easier.

● Wedding logo – A logo symbolizes a unique and distinct identity. Create a great logo to mark the beginning of your spirited life adventure. The logo can be made using the first letter of the bride and groom’s names.

● Eco-Friendly digital wedding invitations – Rather than printing only conventional invitation cards that need to be couriered to each invitee, you can opt for a higher percentage of eco-friendly digital invitations that can be shared instantly, online. Your guests will indeed appreciate your gesture toward environmental protection.

● Themed wedding invitations – What more significant opportunity would it be than your marriage to showcase your creativity? The DIY wedding invitation maker, Selfanimate, has curated many ideas and offers a large library of ready-made video templates.

Check out some of the creative wedding invitations on Selfanimate:

Caricature-themed wedding video invite: Make your loved ones giggle and give them an ever-lasting memory with a caricature wedding invitation. With your favorite soundtrack in the background, it will certainly create the enchanting impression that you’re looking for.

Movie-themed wedding invite: Create a movie-themed wedding invitation that gives out the wedding details in a fun, original, and creative way. Make the occasion a lot more interesting with a movie-themed wedding video invite that is stylish, yet does not leave out any vital details.

3D animation-themed wedding invite: Animation is the key to portraying your imagination. Marriage is indeed your most significant platform to tell your love story in the most enthralling manner. Go beyond the obvious with a 3D animated invitation wedding video invite and wow your guests.

● Save-the-date invitation – Help your loved ones spread across the country and outside plan to attend your wedding. By sending them a save-the-date invitation over WhatsApp in advance, you will help guests make the best travel and logistics plans. Make sure you include all the details such as the marriage date, time, location, and so on.

In addition, you could add an RSVP feature in the online save-the-date. This way, guests can instantly let you know whether they would be attending the wedding. The result is more efficient planning instead of having to manually follow up with guests.

Wrapping up
Your marriage marks the journey of a lifetime commitment, and it must be grandeur and majestic in every sense. Create a unique DIY wedding invitation with Selfanimate that will stay as a breathtaking and awe-inspiring event for a lifetime in the minds of your loved ones.

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