Simple wedding tips to impress your guests

Weddings represent one of the most important and auspicious times in every couple’s life. But nobody can deny that a wedding remains incomplete without guests expressing their happiness and satisfaction with the proceedings and how impressed they are with everything they experienced on the day. While impressing your guests is never the main objective at a wedding, it is a key consideration that cannot be ignored.

You can never be too prepared when it comes to making an impression on your guests, but there are these small, special touches that can make a big difference to how your guests feel. So, let’s discuss a few wedding tips to dazzle your guests with so they will always cherish your wedding.

Budget-friendly simple wedding tips to improve your guest’s experience

Food and drinks
Food is the way to the heart and is something that Indians prioritize when it comes to planning a wedding. On average, 25% of a typical Indian wedding budget is set aside for catering. As food would be the most talked about element at any wedding, many wedding planners would recommend a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You might try incorporating a classic Indian flavor by serving wholesome organic vegetarian dishes or you can add a selection of seasonal or local cuisines that appeal to guests of all ages.

You can also consider putting up a healthy drink station with Indian and international flavors to keep guests hydrated during the wedding proceedings. But as you begin to plan your big day, it’s important to keep in mind that weddings can generate a lot of waste. As much as 20% of the food served at Indian weddings goes to waste. So please be mindful of food waste and its impact on the environment and your budget.

Wedding invite
Guess where your wedding’s initial impression on guests comes from? A wedding invitation indeed. Select a wedding invitation that best represents you and your wedding style, to create a first positive impression.

If you are looking for less conventional and more innovative ideas to create that first best impression about the wedding, then opt for an online wedding invitation. A highly recommended wedding tip is to design your wedding invitation yourself using a DIY wedding invitation video maker like Selfanimate. Remember, wedding invites must have a personal touch to impress your guests, which can be achieved in a DIY marriage invite or by making a personalized wedding invite.

Selfanimate ready-made wedding invitation video template:

And if you’re looking to add more features to your wedding invite such as a link to the venue, or online RSVP, or if you are looking to add the guest name in the online video wedding invite, Selfanimate’s expert designers can do it for you. This will also ensure that your digital invite stands out and can be sent over WhatsApp or email within seconds.

Entertain your guests
Get your guests immersed in the happy atmosphere of the wedding by arranging different forms of entertainment. Try to give your guests a sense that they are a crucial part of the celebration by involving them in the act.

Some of our best recommendations include:
● Set up a photo booth where they can take selfies or group pictures
● Use professional singers and accept song requests from guests or even better, have a sing-along opportunity created for guests
● Prepare some entertaining interactive games where guests are involved
● Include a Thank You wall or a signature post for guests to leave comments and wishes for the newlyweds

Seating arrangements
Now that you’ve selected the perfect location for your wedding, it’s time to add that personal touch by creating a distinctive seating arrangement for your guests. Surprise and delight your wedding guests with their names on the seating. It is an easy method of establishing the relationship and importance you give to your guests. One can deliberately mix the seating for both bride and groom parties and have a fun environment created where they can get to know both families better.

Seating for the elderly and their convenience anticipated give a strong impression too.

Surprise elements
One best ways to stay close to your wedding idea while also impressing your guests is to have professional dancers perform or choreograph the dance for the bride and groom. We assure you that it works wonders and that your guests will cherish it.

Your guests will also be delighted by the sight and sounds of drummers and desi dhol-walas when they reach the venue. Nothing may create the mood for your guests better than the dhol and nagada beats.

You can even surprise your guests by arranging a stand-up comedy show, a live music band, or renting a DJ. The guests will have a great time if you compile all the music suggestions into a playlist and send it to DJ for playback.

When it’s time to get some rest for those exhausted heads after a fantastic day of celebrations, your accommodation arrangements must be just as eye-catching as your function. It will provide your guests with a top-notch overall experience.

Surprise your guests by offering a welcome goodie bag packed with treats when they check into the hotel room. It would undoubtedly make their stay more enjoyable and memorable. Just be sure to plan for some interesting, delectable snacks during their stay as well.

Wrapping Up
Even though weddings last only a day, the impact of a happy wedding will be felt for a long time by your guests and loved ones. Make sure you arrange a fantastic beginning and a heartwarming conclusion.

Every wedding party ought to consider the aforementioned suggestions to undoubtedly delight the guests and make some priceless memories with them.

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