How to create a wedding invitation video using your mobile phone

There’s nothing like visually showcasing and announcing your love story and getting the guests excited about your marriage. With 750 million smartphone users in India, there is no better medium than a mobile phone to reach your guests instantly. And creating a stunning save-the-date or wedding invitation video that can be shared from your mobile to your guest’s phone is the best way to communicate and invite them. According to a survey undertaken by Selfanimate, the most affordable online video maker for wedding video invitations, 80% of customers prefer sharing a mobile phone-based wedding invite with friends and family.

But not everyone knows the technical know-how of making wedding invitation videos let alone editing. From knowing the editing landscape to placing the text and images in the right manner and position, it snowballs into a tedious creative task for the ordinary user. In case you’re looking to create a mobile-friendly wedding invite and are worried about the process to make one, this article is for you.

How to begin?
Creating a phone-based wedding invitation is easy provided you follow certain steps. To help you choose the best option for creating mobile wedding invitation videos, here’s what you need to consider.

1. Select a suitable video making platform
There are multiple options available on the Internet such as video-making apps and websites which claim to create your entire wedding video from scratch. These apps are good options if you are familiar with the technical nitty gritty and know the entire process of video making. However, as these tools and apps are completely automated, you have to be creative and technically qualified to use the tool to produce professional-looking wedding invites. In most cases, you might not have any human interface to help you navigate through the process in case you get stuck, or you will have to coordinate the entire process offline which may take days to finish.

The other most preferred and easiest option would be to use a mobile-responsive website like Selfanimate which offers a huge library of mobile-formatted, ready-made wedding video invitation templates for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a region-based wedding invite template like a North Indian wedding video invite or a Bengali wedding video invite, Selfanimate has many options to offer. You can also choose a template based on the creative format like a caricature wedding invite, 2D or 3D wedding invite, animated movie-themed wedding invite, and so on. As these templates come in a mobile-friendly format, it is easy to just edit and use them.

Check out some of the mobile-friendly wedding invitations on Selfanimate.

Floral-themed wedding video invitation:

Telugu wedding video invite:

2. Assess your creative capability
Your biggest advantage or hurdle would be your creative competency. If you know your need and can work on automated apps to build the video invite, then you are sorted. But if you have a creative limitation to visualize the invitation look & feel, you must tread the waters carefully as your marriage invite can’t afford any compromise on quality.

In case, you are wondering how to measure your creative competency, here are a few questions to ask yourself:
– Can I afford to spend large sums of money and many hours on an app/tool that offers complex features and techniques that I need to learn first?
– Do I know the sequence to follow for a wedding video invite? Am I comfortable using the app/tool to create this sequence all by myself?
– Do I know how to select and use a design, theme colors & font styles, backgrounds, photos, graphics, music track, etc…?
– Do I know the best placements for the creative elements in the design, and at what timeline in the video to introduce special effects and transitions?
– Do I have the bandwidth to spend several hours exploring, experimenting, and fine-tuning the invitation?

If your answer is NO to any of these questions, you should seriously consider ready-made wedding video invitation templates which come with a creative theme, image & text placeholders that can be edited with your information, and with background music and animation effects built in.

How can Selfanimate help you?
Selfanimate is an easy-to-use online video maker platform for creating customized greeting and invitation videos where you can edit ready-made video templates with images, text, and music. If you’re running short on time, their in-house team of designers can customize the wedding invitation video as per your need, all within 24 hours.

Furthermore, they can even integrate the video invite with your guest list and send the invite via email and WhatsApp to thousands of guests at once. You will make your guests feel extra special as they receive a personalized wedding invite on their mobiles, with their names on the digital video invite.

Wrapping up
Your marriage is the most special occasion in your life and everything including the invitation must be perfect. Sending a wedding invitation on WhatsApp video or as an SMS or email link to the guests’ phones will create the first and best impression about your wedding. So choose wisely and create an amazing mobile-friendly wedding invite.

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