Trendiest Wedding Invitation Video Ideas That You Should Consider Seriously

A wedding is a milestone event in one’s life that is cherished for a lifetime. And the wedding invitation is the first step and sets the tone for the big event. While technology has become a major part of today’s living, so has doing things digitally. Digital wedding invitations are trending today and are a must-have in wedding preparations due to their convenience, reach, affordability, and creativity. 

In this technologically advanced era, it’s easy to create a digital video wedding invite that can be shared on social media or WhatsApp. At, we provide our customers with an easy-to-use tool to make the perfect wedding invitation video, that can make your magical day even more special. Here’s a list of the trendiest wedding invitation videos ideas that you should consider:

Caricature Wedding Invitation:

This cute, artistic template helps you create invitation videos using charming caricatures of the happy couple set to a vivid background. With a fun and colourful animation style, this is the go-to format for couples looking for a playful and informal invitation video. Check out the caricature wedding invitation video template. (Check out the template)

Premium Wedding Invitation Video:

Want to create an elegant and sophisticated invitation video? Look no further than our premium wedding invitation video template. This helps you create a beautiful video with a pastel floral background – taking its inspiration from the old-school wedding invitations. Check out the premium wedding invitation video template. (Check out the template)

Region-based Invitation Videos:

As we know, India is an amalgamation of many cultures and traditions. What better way to embrace your culture than by creating an invitation video with strong themes from that culture? Selfanimate offers a wide range of region-based invitation videos – for Tamil weddings, Telugu weddings, Rajasthani weddings, Bengali weddings, Gujarati weddings, Marathi weddings, Punjabi weddings, and much more. Create your perfect wedding invitation, with the sounds, styles, and traditions of your culture, for your special day. Check out the latest wedding invitation videos template. (Check out the template)

Virtual Zoom Wedding Invitation Videos:

During the pandemic, we were forced to attend multiple weddings via zoom. This template enables you to create the perfect zoom wedding invitation video. Say goodbye to boring text message invites with zoom links and say hello to beautifully animated and stylized zoom invitation videos, with the zoom link added at the end of the video to make it easier. Check out the virtual wedding invite video template. (Check out the template)

3D Wedding Video Invite:

Tired of flat two-dimensional video invites? Want to make your invitation video look like a beautiful 3D animated movie? Try the Selfanimate 3D wedding video invite. The high-quality animation, seamless transition, and attention to detail in every pixel will make this invite memorable for your guests. Check out the 3D wedding invitation video template. (Check out the template) offers several stunning and classy templates to create video invitations for weddings, wedding receptions, bachelor parties, and save the dates. The best part – Selfanimate is extremely affordable and can help you create the wedding video invite of your dreams in a matter of minutes.

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