Best Ways To Show Your Love During The Pandemic Influenced Valentine’s Day

Love is the most beautiful feeling shared between two people and valentine’s day is the perfect annual day to express your feelings for someone special. It is a day that is cherished by people all over the world. They plan their valentine’s day using the holy trinity of flowers, gifts, and food. But with the pandemic situation still lingering, planning and celebrating this significant day has become a challenge for most. But you don’t have to fret. We are here to help. Get digitally romantic with a valentine’s day video wish. Simply log on to and select a romantic valentine’s day greeting video wish that you can edit and customize for the person you adore.

Everyone loves to receive a wish on valentine’s day. You may or may not be able to meet this special someone in person, but when your custom valentine’s day video wish reaches them, it will surely light up their day. Another advantage of using a video greeting is that it can be sent instantly anywhere, through Whatsapp or email.

Selfanimate is the perfect destination to create beautiful, romantic valentine’s day video greetings. The video templates are specially crafted for Valentine’s Day and they come in attractive designs, messages, music, and effects. You can add pictures of beautiful moments with your partner, add some love-filled text, and get your greeting video is ready in a few minutes! 

There are many Valentine’s Day greeting video templates available at that have different styles and effects. All of them are editable which means you can add your content and images, that are appropriate for you, without losing the impact of the video. 

Watercolor Style Valentine’s Day Story

This template offers a colourful theme with watercolor effects in the video. The animated version of the couple in the video depicts the love story in form of a watercolor painting. You can change the text to your heart’s content, literally. It is a beautiful valentine’s day video and will make your partner’s heart flutter. <Check out the video>

Valentine’s Day Video Wish

This template is very popular among teens, as it comprises a heart-shaped frame for adding your pictures to it. The frame is decorated with hearts, making the video appear very beautiful and romantic. You can add some cute lovey-dovey text next to the pictures for making the video a treasured, memorable gift for your partner. <Check out the video>

Valentine’s Day Digital Greetings Video

The template offers a perfect combination of animation and personalization in the video. The template opens with a beautiful scene, comprising a heart-shaped air balloon, carrying your special message. The digitally created romantic scenarios and the love birds on a tree evoke deep emotions with the recipient. <Check out the video>

Valentine’s Day thoughts on Video

Not everyone can speak out about what is in their heart, in front of the person they love. The mind-heart coordination is weakest in most lovers. This video template is ideal for such occasions, where you can express what is in your heart. Cherish great togetherness in a sharing and caring way. <Check out the video

At you can also make high-quality, creative video invitations for other occasions, including marriage invitations, birthday invitations, engagement invitations, and other events. We offer a wide range of video templates with top-notch designs and features that anyone can edit in just minutes, to create their awesome custom videos for social share

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