5 Exquisite Indian Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Special Day

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life as you get united with a special someone, forever. And your wedding invitation sets the tone for all the activities and celebrations that are associated with the wedding. Therefore, pay attention to not just the details of what goes into the invitation, but the invitation itself.

Gone are the days of the printed wedding invitation cards with fancy designs, pop-up construction, and packaging. Make way for digital wedding invitations. They save time, effort, money and make the entire inviting process simple. And best of all, digital invites offer endless ways to rev up the creativity in your wedding invitation. At Selfanimate.com, we provide a wide variety of wedding invitation video templates that come with different styles – be it the traditional look & feel, a contemporary design with 3D effects, or animated character-based themes.  

Take a look at some of the wedding invitation styles we offer on Selfanimate.com.

Caricature invitation video

Caricature wedding invitation video templates are the in-thing with the new generation, looking to make their wedding invite fun and creative. With characters depicting the to-be-weds, complemented with background illustrations that match the storyline, the video uncovers the wedding details in creative undertones, adding a certain extraordinary excitement to the entire wedding itself. You can customize it with your images, messages, and music. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box wedding invite, then this template is the right one for you. Check Here 

Digital save-the-date

Weddings are opportunities never to be missed for connecting with friends and family. Therefore, it’s a good idea to send out a save-the-date invitation four to six months before the wedding—or even earlier, if you are expecting guests from overseas to fly down. Selfanimate has prepared many exciting save-the-date invitation templates that not only announce your big day but also act as a mini-invite, with a promise of more details to come. Check out the save-the-date video templates here.

3D wedding invitation video

Looking for a wedding invite that looks like a clip from a Disney movie, with visual effects and treats that reflect high-end creativity in every pixel? The Selfanimate 3D wedding invitation videos are the ones for you. The visual effects and text transitions convey the wedding details in a smooth, real-like animated display, making your guests fall in love with the invite instantly while strongly etching your wedding dates and details in their memory. Check out the Selfanimate 3D wedding invitations here.

Region-themed invitation videos

A country as diverse as India with its many cultural nuances requires wedding invitations to be region-specific and reflect the state that it represents. That is why Selfanimate has created ready-to-use wedding video invitations for North Indian weddings, Gujarati weddings, Marathi weddings, Bengali weddings, Rajasthani weddings, Telugu weddings, Tamil weddings, and much more. These wedding video templates with their alluring cultural designs and catchy local music, intertwine the sensitivity of the region. You can add the wedding details in the video and set the mood for the big day. Check out some of the regional wedding templates here

Traditional wedding eCards

Indian marriages are not just the sealing of a bond between two people but it’s the merging of two families. Traditional values and practices, therefore, play an important role in the entire wedding process, including the wedding card design. The traditional wedding card is a printed leaflet that borrows its form from the age-old tradition of the oral announcement and handwritten letters, designed in a yellow & pink color scheme, and has the family details and wedding information. Selfanimate traditional wedding ecards have preserved the traditional look while making the invitation a digital card, easy for distribution. 

With Selfanimate, you can instantly craft stunning online wedding invitation videos, pre-wedding ritual invitation videos, ring ceremony invitation videos, bachelor party invitations, wedding reception invitations, post-wedding party invites, and invites for other exclusive wedding activities.

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