Caricature Wedding Invitation Video [50352]

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Impress your wedding guests with gorgeous customized invitations.

This caricature wedding invitation template begins with an image of Lord Ganesha and features trendy and cute characters. The background of the video is composed of traditional illustrations and festive icons, giving the video a nostalgic vibe and a touch of elegance.

Edit the template to include personal messages and popular music. You can also customize the text to include details of the wedding couple and the various events and rituals.

We at Selfanimate offer the best selection of vector wedding templates for all Indian wedding celebrations. If you are on a tight budget, you might have to compromise on certain things while planning the wedding. With Selfanimate, you can avail affordable video invitations without compromising on quality or elegant style.

Remember, no software download, 100% design online, high-quality videos. Preview the video and edit the template now!
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    53 Seconds
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    Thursday, November 11 21 05:30:00
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