5 Reasons why your wedding invitation should be a digital video invite

In India, weddings are a huge affair, and it is celebrated with pomp and show. The event is no less than a popular festival, and families want to do their best to make their grand day memorable. From themed décor for the wedding functions to wearing color-coordinated attire, wide spread of food and drinks to music and dance, there are numerous ways to make your wedding day special. It all starts with the wedding invitation, the first part in planning a wedding that sets the tone for things to follow. The wedding card plays an essential role in your wedding and can help you make a big impression on your guests. Families have been spending a substantial amount of time and money for the perfect printed wedding card– one that they can send out by post to their friends and family across India and outside India. But with the new generation who prefer everything digital, digital wedding eCards and online wedding invitation videos have gained a lot of significance. 

A digital wedding invitation video is the ideal way to invite your guests for the wedding. It’s trendy, highly creative and appeals to everyone’s emotions. Wedding video making can include pictures, video, music, and much more in the video invite. It gives information about the date, time and venue of the pre-wedding functions and the functions on the grand day. You can use a simple, easy-to-use wedding invitation video maker tool like Selfanimate.com to create your custom wedding video invitation or contract the work to an agency to produce it offline. 

Doing it yourself is always the preferred option as it gives you more control over the output and fits well within your budget and timeline.

The top five advantages of creating a wedding invitation video are:

Saves time

With the wedding preparations in full swing, going to the market for selecting the wedding card design can be a very time-consuming process. Having too many options in front of you can be overwhelming and confusing. But with online wedding video invitation tools like Selfanimate.com, you can choose the perfect invitation design from the list of many pre-defined templates, in just a few clicks.

Saves Cost

Buying printed wedding cards and sending them to your guests can prove to be a very costly affair. With high internet and mobile penetration, everyone is online these days, so sending the wedding invitation video on their Whatsapp makes logical sense, and fits within your wedding budget too.

Less hassle

Sending out paper-based marriage invites comes with lots of hassles. You need to develop the content, get it printed with a printing agency, write out all the guest names and addresses correctly on the envelopes, and physically post these invitation cards through courier, much ahead of time, and finally, wait for the responses and confirmations. But when you use an online wedding video-making tool, you can eliminate the chance of errors in the wedding invite creation. You can produce professional-looking custom wedding invitations that your guests will cherish, and the best part is that you can distribute the invite digitally on Whatsapp or email to all your guests. 

Add creativity to invite

Using the wedding invitation video maker, you can let your creative juices flow and make your video wedding invite as innovative as you want. You can choose from many video templates that come with different effects, designs, music, and duration. With video maker tools like Selfanimate.com, you can edit these templates yourself without any additional software. Add your images, wedding activity details, music, and much more to make it your own. 

Personalisation of wedding invite

The last but the best feature of an ecard is that you can easily personalise the card. You can add guest names, photos, and even a personal message in the wedding invitation. It will make your guests feel extra-special and make your invite a keepsake.Selfanimate.com is the most comprehensive online video maker tool for creating awesome wedding video invites. You will find a suitable wedding invitation template for every category and religion. And these video templates are highly customisable to suit your personal requirements. Edit the template with your photos, text, images, music and create the ideal wedding eCards or invitations that you can download and share with friends and family, on Whatsapp or social media. Check out some interesting wedding invitation templates at selfanimate

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