Winning in the Turns

As it would every day, the Huanan market was abuzz with activity. But 31st December 2019 was grim because a pneumonia of unknown etiology had erupted, and it was spreading fast. WHO’s China Country Office was already on top of the situation as they detected that the diseases had already made its way into Wuhan City, in the Hubei Province of China. The market in Wuhan closed shut on 1st January 2020 for sanitation and disinfection.

By January 3rd, 2020, 44 people had been infected, 11 out of which were serious. Since then the world has been on a public health emergency with millions sacrificed to the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent social distancing norms and a nation ‘at home’ situation, brought most businesses to their knees, eventually leading to a slumped economy. While the road to revival seems long, organisations started turning to resilient and reliable technology to stay relevant and connected with their customers. Marketers have, no doubt, come forth with digital concepts to make web-based winning a reality. However, one of the most innovative ideas to see breakthrough results even during the current times is personalised video marketing. Personalised video offers the only digital way for home-quarantined customers to see, hear, and even get to know a product or company. For businesses, it gives them an opportunity to make deep connections even when they cannot meet their customers in person.


Winning with trust

A leading private healthcare institution felt the pinch when COVID-19 struck. The pandemic was making its waves across the population and as ironic as it may seem, the popularity of the said institute seemed to be fading. The caregiver needed to do something different to connect with the patient community and serve those in need. This is when they turned to Selfanimate GoCampaign for data-driven personalised videos. The provider was able to dig into the existing patient data, curate intelligence on patients based on their past visits and deliver patient specific communications. Hyper-personalised videos were sent out to these patients telling them what precautions they need to take during the pandemic, given their specific health backgrounds and what support the hospital can provide, even in a virtual setting. This struck the right chord with the patients who felt cared for and started contacting the institution for guided medical care. In no time, the institution was seen a winner, in a pandemic, that would have otherwise made endurance difficult.


Winning with knowledge

Children are meant to aspire, be active and foster ambition through education. But COVID-19 has taken all that way from a generation that was well-positioned to step into the 21st century with a thump. Educational institutions today remain shut in dread of the pandemic and children are deprived of humanised, instructor-led education that would otherwise be available in physical schooling. With an aim to anthropomorphize the educational system, Selfanimate suggested personalising the student interactions. Integrating videos into on-going digital communications, the school was able to automatically integrate student data with videos to send the frequent personalised evaluation of quarterly assessments to each student and parent, send updates from the teacher to the student in a humanised video message and make the student feel at school. The educational institute was no longer remote from its students and no student felt disconnected.

Selfanimate GoCampaign is not just an idea or a product – it is a revolution ready to take on next-gen reciprocity. In the meantime, if you have started thinking all things we’ve lost in our shift to a more virtual world – lack of feedback, lack of empathy, lack of emotion, and lack of connection and commitment — connect with us to know how you can build brand affinity, even when you can’t fulfill the customer demand.

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