The Festival of Lights beckons you! Happy Diwali Wishes Video

Are you missing your loved ones Diwali? Selfanimate aims to reverse the unhappy effects of the Coronavirus this festive season. Coinciding with the harvest festival Diwali brings new beginnings as good triumphs over evil. The five-day festival of lights is approaching, which is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, the world over! A large diaspora of Indians across Singapore, Fiji, etc. also commemorate Diwali.

Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi falls on day one. As part of a ritual lights are kept burning to honour Goddess Lakshmi on this day. Chhoti Diwali or Narakachaturdashi comes on day two where people pray for the peace of defined souls or manes. The dark fortnight of the lunar month or the third day of Diwali is the height of the festival also known as Lakshmi Pujan. This is also a time when the younger generation reaches out to the older ones for their blessings. This is then followed by Govardhan Puja or Annakut, also the first day of the bright fortnight, which celebrates the bond between the husband and the wife. Finally, day 5 encompasses Bhai Dooj where brothers and sisters also get ready with their wishes on the second lunar day – which also falls on the last day of Diwali.

The spirit of Diwali is so compelling that most of them begin celebrations well in advance. Ideally, the streets would be teeming with people, buying new clothes, and jewelry. Sweets and Rangolis are part of the festivities as are exchanging gifts and playing cards. Families come from far and wide to reunite with each other during this time.

All of the above involve travel, crowding, and zero social distancing. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is still making its waves across the streets of India, little can be done in terms of interaction. Quarantine norms are still rife, and a journey can be nerve-wracking even if you were living in the same vicinity. Crowds and touching are primary breeding grounds of the coronavirus. We all know that we must be wary. Then what is the best way to wish your sibling?

Selfanimate allows you to create stunning videos that are meant to stir the soul. Why restrict yourself to a static image when you can make a video of your own just the way you like it! You don’t have to use someone else’s image to express your deepest feelings for your loved ones.

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