The Relationship Only Gets Deeper

It was the year 1941. The New York Yankees were winning the game against the Brooklyn Dodgers and were all set to grab the fifth title and overall, their ninth. An ornately designed clock with the US map as it’s background suddenly flashed on the TV screen. It was the world’s first video commercial aired to promote a brand. Cut to 2020, the power of video advertising has leapfrogged multifold to offer numerous channels and formats through which audiences are disrupted and served with product ads. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, brands have become more sensitive to their audience’s moods and sentiments and are taking a measured approach on how they promote the brand to the remote audience. Leaders in every industry are discovering new ways to connect with customers at a deeper level when social distancing is the new norm.


Fortifying lives

The insurance sector is probably one of the most underestimated industries, in spite of its contribution towards human life. With the COVID-19 affecting a million lives, the insurance sector was quick to offer an ‘armour’ to protect the population against eventualities. A middle-class family inflicted by the disease was at a loss when they were charged a huge amount for the treatment by the hospital. Had they subscribed to the armored policy, they would not have had to mete out large amounts on medical care. But the reality was they did not even know that such a scheme was available at their disposal. Insurers see the need to create awareness about new products introduced, especially insurance products that focuses on insurance against COVID-19. But getting the message to the self-quarantined customer was a challenge. Selfanimate GoCampaign, to the rescue, was able to integrate customer data with videos to hyper-target individuals, existing and new prospects, and promote the new products in a humanized way. These curated easily comprehensible videos addressed the needs of the proletariat, converting prospects into customers and opening up the premium revenue growth for the business.


Real connections with real people

Probably one of the most affected in the entire episode is the retail industry. In response to the current pandemic, consumers are seen rapidly changing their lifestyles. Even as lockdowns are being eased, they are reconsidering values and priorities and adapting to the new reality. Customer confidence remains dented and the average consumer is still uncomfortable visiting public places and physical retail outlets. There is a need to restore credence and trust, which can be done only if brands can build connections at a deeper level with customers even when social distancing is the new norm. What better way to do this than with unique and contextual personalized video messages that are highly embodied, enabling businesses to listen and understand their consumers at a human level. Selfanimate GoCampaign is a platform that helps businesses build better customer engagement, drive higher conversions, and improve brand loyalty by tapping into the power of customer data.


A connection of trust

Banks are meant to be trustworthy and that is where we also deposit our life’s earnings. A dynamic sector, banking and financial services deal with billions in currency and human emotions on a daily basis. These institutions are busy transforming their business, making it more customer friendly and redefining the customer experience ecosystem through innovation and engagement banking. Selfanimate GoCampaign videos foster a connection that is unbreakable and life-long. With the shift towards online transactions, Banks must build a relationship that facilitates information sharing and generate faith and loyalty with their existing customers. Automated video communications take your brand closer to the customer with the help of compelling, personalized videos that create customer-centric banking experiences. Banks today are using personalized communications to onboard new customers, update the existing customers on their portfolio with the bank or cross sell new products matching customer profiles, and much more.

There are more references for how other industries have started using personalized videos for instilling deeper connections with customers. More of such instances in our next blog that will cover how Retail, Insurance, Universities/ Colleges (Education), Telecom, Healthcare and others use personalized videos.

According to the “2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Trust and the Coronavirus”, the actions of brands during a crisis can make or break long-term relationships with consumers. So, stay close to your customers. Navigate the disruptions by investing in your core customer segments. Connect with us to know what we can do for you to bridge the customer relationship deficit using our personalized video platform!

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