Let social distancing help you discover the real you

Nearly 90,000 hours. Over 13 years. Don’t worry. This is not the countdown to the apocalypse. In fact, it is how much time an average person spends at work over a lifetime. For some, the days following the global coronavirus outbreak have been devastating, to say the least. For others, it has completely changed their daily routines.

From working from home to being unable to spend any sort of meaningful time outdoors, it has been a disruptive time for all of us.

Explore within – without going outside

While companies offering work-from-home options may be considered employee-friendly, not everyone has been mentally or physically prepared. It is normal to feel anxious or stressed out about not knowing what to do with all the extra time. But in reality, this could be a great opportunity to discover yourself. Do things that you always wanted to do but could not find the time – for instance, read a book, make a DYI toy, create an art, do gardening, fix a gadget, play with your pet, or just about anything that was always an excuse until now!

Fortunately, our electronic devices allow us to share these accomplishments with your loved ones. Let this social distancing help bring you closer to the real you!

Let the world see the real you – with Selfanimate

The Selfanimate platform is a Do-It-Yourself online video maker that gives you the speed, convenience, and creative freedom to turn your favourite moments into awesome personalized videos. Get the full power of customization to create unforgettable videos of your accomplishments or what you discovered during the recent self-quarantine days.

Selfanimate’s is providing its customers a free pre-built template that you can use to talk about social distancing and you.  Create the impact your video deserves – with music, stock photos, and text effects.

Celebrate your passion for art, culture, nature, travel, pets, life hacks, or even your profession – with a video that you can share in a matter of seconds! Or go back to past archives for digging up some of your life’s favourite moments and transform them into exciting social media content that people will love. Remember, the chances are high that your friends, family members, and followers are looking for something interesting to consume. Why not be the one to provide it – using Selfanimate’s one-of-a-kind online video maker. And what better time than now to create a special video that lives on forever while easily sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any channel.


Don’t quarantine your emotions

That’s not all either. You may not be able to attend social gatherings and functions, but that should not stop you from showing your love and support. From birthdays and wedding anniversaries to telling those near and dear to you how much they matter, use this time to share your best wishes in a creative and personalized way. Check out the Selfanimate pre-made video templates that you can use for any occasion.

Working at home or quarantining yourself does not mean that you must disengage with everything and everyone that truly matters to you. You can be indoors, within the comfort of your home, and continue to be the best version of yourself.

With Selfanimate, the world can see it too.

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