Don’t let the pandemic stop you from delivering meaningful customer experiences

As we cautiously move towards a post-lockdown scenario, it is becoming more evident that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon. We also know that the vaccine is years away from becoming a ground reality. Clearly, now is the worst possible time to procrastinate for businesses of all sizes. No longer can marketers and brand managers afford to ignore the emergence of the new normal.

Taking a profitable perspective from the pandemic to future-proof your business does not mean you are ignoring the current crisis in hand. It means that you are willing to invest in your strategic, operational, and financial resilience to combat global risks so that your business will be better positioned to respond and recover from unavoidable current eventualities.

Growth in the time of COVID-19 lockdown

It also means you are choosing to be there for your customers during troubling times. But, if you wait until the lockdown is over to interact with customers about how your brand can be useful to them, it will be too late. You must act right here and now because treating customers like they are your top priority is key to winning them.

For instance, Peloton, an exercise equipment and media company managed to double its revenue and grows its subscriber base by 100% in the first quarter of 2020. Netflix saw a record number of subscribers since the COVID-19 lockdown had started. So, how did these companies manage to grow during a time when others seem to be losing their business? If you think it has everything to do with big budgets, think again! It’s about staying in touch with customers and giving them a good reason to stay loyal to the brand.

To illustrate our own client example, an India based pharmaceutical company is using Selfanimate GoCampaign personalized video platform to send personalized video messages to its doctor community across the country, reassuring each one of them and supporting their efforts to humanity. This personal outreach will definitely be seen by the doctor’s community as a welcome gesture and will go a long way in maintaining strong relationships

Make video marketing work for you, your customers and your employees

It is important to understand that the customer is just as stressed you are. Some may be facing the same pressures as you. Hence, sending out generic marketing messages in a one-size-fits-all format can have a no-impact or negative impact on their psyche. Selfanimate GoCampaign gives you the combined power of video marketing and video personalization to deliver contextual and meaningful messages in a visually-appealing manner.

With Selfanimate GoCampaign, businesses can cover the whole nine yards of delivering outstanding customer experiences. It is a dynamic video personalization platform that helps companies build and sustain customer engagement in the digital world. You can take down every barrier that inhibits you from selling in the real-world by creating, automating, and sharing hundreds or thousands of unique and compelling personalized videos in one go.

Personalized videos for effective internal communications

Initiatives like personalized video marketing are not just for your customers. You can apply personalized videos for your internal communications as well.

Currently, Selfanimate is working with a leading retailer where the CEO will be sending a personalized message using Selfanimate GoCampaign platform to more than 5000 employees working from home. He will be able to address each employee by name, inquiring about their families and their well-being while motivating them to carry on the good work during the lockdown.

A very personal employee-oriented internal program that can help improve employee relations, employee confidence and loyalty for the company.
Today, we stand at the juncture of what seems to be a massive change in how business is done all over the world. Digital transformation is not a luxury anymore. It is the backbone of managing fluid-free digital connections that will continue to take larger precedence.

Since the pandemic has forced your business to focus on what is essential, Selfanimate GoCampaign will help you get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts. For more details on the video personalization platform please visit or email

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