How to accelerate and retain brand engagement and loyalty during COVID-19?

Any unexpected crisis, such as today’s global pandemic, throws up many challenges for brands to stay in touch with their customers. Often, there’s a scramble to reassess sales and marketing priorities or realign business growth areas. Very shortly, though, there’s a realization that it may be a valuable opportunity to not only capture customer attention but also create the sort of impact that may lead to long-lasting brand relationships.

It is crucial to understand that customers have two major expectations that are especially applicable during these emergency lockdown times. One, they need brands to reassure them that they are open for business in the same or a similar capacity, as before. And two, they expect brands to step up and humanize their interactions at an individual level to empathize and serve them proactively and personally.

Therefore, the three important aspects a brand must ask before reorienting its customer communication strategy to become more personal and human are:

  • Are you trying to create more brand affinity by making customers realize that your values are similar to theirs?
  • Are you trying to improve the brand loyalty by creating hyper-personalized moments in the customer’s journey with your brand?
  • Are you letting them know you are listening to what they want by shaping interactions based on data-rich customer insights?

In times of crisis, as a brand – you must be cautious of getting caught up in the wave of fear and paranoia, like your customers, and delivering substandard communication. Irrespective of whether you have the time or resources, your brands need to become emotional and must deliver personalized communication that addresses customer’s concerns and expectations in a human, individualized way.

The role of video-based content is gaining more prominence as a frontline marketing strategy of any future-thinking brand. If video marketing is not on top of your marketing priorities, now is a good time to refocus your current efforts into something more purposeful, proactive, and profitable.

From delivering personalized product videos to educate the customer on new product features, using personalized active graphics-oriented account summary videos to keep customers updated, wishing customers on their life’s milestones using personalized videos, video-based marketing represents your greatest chance at gaining the customer’s attention in the current times. It also helps you achieve maximum business outcomes when your customers are furthest from your brand.

Our personalized video marketing platform Selfanimate GoCampaign is a lightweight dynamic platform to design, customize, and deploy thousands of personalized video campaigns. It has been receiving tremendous response across industries where companies of all sizes wanted to leverage an automated marketing solution to accelerate their customer outreach and put their businesses on personalization mode.

In the midst of unforeseen events, with significant disruptions to operations, it’s time to turn your customers into heroes and convert those customer interactions into enriching, fulfilling, and memorable experiences that tell your brand’s stories at a human level. Video personalization is a good alternative to think about – right here and now!



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