Keep your customer relationships feeling human with personalized video personalization

With every passing day, the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak seems to be causing more havoc in the global marketplace. Stock markets are crashing, companies are revising their earnings guidance, product launches are getting postponed, global marketing activities and summits are being cancelled, postponed or done virtually. The list goes on. The sustained impact of the pandemic is predicted to cause a fundamental change in general consumer behaviour, fuelling the growth of e-commerce. While reports of sliding retail store sales due to mass self-quarantining are going viral, the sales numbers of e-commerce stores and online subscriptions are going north. Recently, one of the top industrialists in India even said that building “deeper customer relationships” is one of the top 5 “unprecedented opportunities” during this crisis.

What this means is that you must engage customers wherever they are. With the rising threat of COVID-19 causing the offline world to be temporarily put on hiatus, websites and apps are quickly becoming the primary channels through which customers are willing to connect with brands. The struggle for many businesses is balancing the need to engage with customers while containing their economic losses and be present in the pockets of consumption that are predominantly online.

The tricky part is that your competitors probably know this too. Hence, pivoting to a digital presence is no longer a guarantee to impress your customers. The only way to do that is to transform your sales and marketing messages into high-quality personalized digital content that gets the customer’s attention and stays in their minds long after they have seen it.

Get closer to customers with personalized video campaigns:

At Selfanimate we have been advocating our clients to say goodbye to generic promotional messages that are seen as irrelevant in the current market situation. Instead, we are helping their content rise to the top using dynamic video personalization, on our platform – Selfanimate GoCampaign.

Selfanimate GoCampaign gives clients the creative freedom to curate individual customer data into videos to create hyper-personalized brand experiences that connect with each user in a unique way to capture their attention. Our clients are able to deliver multiple personalized video campaigns to thousands of their users and prospects at one go! The in-built advanced data analytics engine tracks video campaign analytics so that you can drive optimal ROI for better customer outreach and conversions. Personalized video campaigns can overcome offline business disruptions, and increase online e-commerce and revenues.

During these difficult times, when it’s getting harder to keep customers engaged, Selfanimate GoCampaign is giving businesses all the firepower needed to keep customers loyal and coming back for more. Your customers can stay indoors and take care of their well-being while you take the brand to them, right to their devices.

Stay relevant and show them your concern, share advice and tips, promote offers and packages or anything you want to tell him, in the most immersive personalized way. To learn more about Selfanimate GoCampaign and how you can leverage the personalized video campaign platform, please email at or visit us

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