Make Valentine’s Day special with a personalized video

Valentine’s Day is approaching! So you’re probably racking your brains for ideas to make it special. And you’re absolutely right in doing so because your partner deserves the best. You both may have a perfect understanding that you love and care about each other but a little outward expression of love still goes a long way in strengthening a relationship. Imagine if you’d forgotten about Valentine’s Day. Oof. And your partner had done something really nice. Double oof!

But you didn’t forget, and for that, you deserve this:

Now, let’s come down to business. How can you make this Valentine’s Day special? Well, with a personalized video wish, of course! It’s the perfect gift. You can express your love creatively and it would arise all the warm, giddy feelings in your loved one! And it’s so versatile that you can either fit it in your bigger Valentine’s Day plan (if you roll like that) or give it as a gift alone. Either way, you’ll be a hit.


Make this video

Make this video


Valentine’s Day Video Ideas

Before starting on your video project, think about what you want to say. What’s your partner’s personality like? What kind of aesthetic would they respond most to? Keep these questions in mind and explore the video ideas.

Tell your story

If you’re anything like any other human being, you love a good story; so does your partner. And the best story to tell is yours. Use this opportunity to stroll down that memory lane and fall in love all over again. Use images of the place where you met for the first time, your first date, your first getaway, and other cherished memories. Weave them into a visual story and add personalized text to highlight your feelings and emotions for your partner.

Be funny

Does your partner love your humorous side? Are you happiest with each other when you’re laughing together? If so, then use your quirkiness in the video to make your partner brim with joy. But it’s still Valentine’s Day, so hilarious cat GIFs may not be the best way to accomplish this. You want to bring out the humor in a cutesy, romantic way. Make a video with your cute images, and use text to add a little goof. Be that funky Valentine!

Lay it all out on the floor

If there ever is a time when you can be as cheesy as cheesy gets, it’s Valentine’s Day. So don’t shy away from expressing all your feelings and emotions and love, with extra feelings on top. Let’s get real!

Prep for the big day

If you’ve planned surprises for the whole day, a video wish in the morning is the perfect way to kick things off. Simply let them enjoy this thoughtful gift before you swoop in with more fun.

Make this video


How to make your Valentine’s Day video

Log in

Go to, and log in. If you’re not a user, sign up with a simple one-step process. You can either use your Google/Facebook account or sign up by registering your email and creating a password.

Choose a template

In the Personal templates section, browse and select the template you like. Click on Use Now to go to its the customization page.


In the template editor, you can customize colors, font, text, images, and music. Preview each frame as you go along to observe your handiwork. Change, experiment, mix and match till your video looks worthy of your partner’s attention, then hit Make Video Now to produce.


Play around with colors and see what looks best. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so red seems like an obvious choice.


Just write from the heart, and be yourself. Don’t overthink and don’t drive yourself crazy. You love your partner and simply saying that it is enough. Do what feels natural to you. And if you don’t want the text at any point in the video or in any frame, delete that text placeholder by clicking on the dustbin icon beside it.


Reflect upon your relationship and dig in your gallery to find the most beautiful gems that go well with your video idea. Preview each frame to see how your image looks and whether it fills the placeholder. You can edit your image right from the template editor by clicking on Modify.

Tip: Before starting the editor, go to your image library and upload all your images. You will then be able to access them faster and more conveniently in the template editor.

Make this video
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