Find the best designs for a caricature-themed wedding invitation

Indian weddings are different from others. They are celebrations that last many days. They are the most cherished milestone events in an individual’s life, that are celebrated by the to-be-weds, their families, and friends. It’s a time full of traditions, emotions, happiness, sumptuous food, greeting, and social sharing.

The wedding invitations are highly curated treasures, dearer than other important pieces in the wedding planning rooster. A wedding invite is the first step to announcing the wedding hence it is treated with utmost care and diligence. The traditional wedding invitations have undergone great transformations with the advances made in technology. They have now become very trendy, pictorial, thematic, creative, and most importantly – digital.

Modern-day weddings do not want to stick with the highly conservative, traditional practices when it comes to wedding invitations. They want every element or aspect of their wedding to make a statement including the wedding invite. The wedding invitation must therefore stand out and create a strong first impression. It should also resonate with the theme and vibes and must set the tone for things to follow. Online wedding video invitations are therefore a must-have in today’s wedding wish list across religions and regions in India.

Wedding invitations using cartooning or caricature themes
Replacing photographic or animation-based wedding video invitations, caricature wedding video invitations are the current flavor as it provides more room for creativity and experimentation. A caricature wedding movie invitation can tell tales like where the two first met, what they liked the most then, and even have their favorite music soundtrack in the background of the video invite. One can depict the favorite coffee shop or add dramatic scenes or movie themes and even have the hero-heroine look-alikes in the video illustration. Young couples also want to illustrate their images as caricature figures.

Caricature wedding invitations create a lasting impression and appeal to guests of all ages and backgrounds. It adds more meaning and elevates the mood, as one inch closer to the mega day. Selfanimate online video maker offers a wide variety of caricature wedding invitation movie templates to choose from. The trendy caricature wedding templates from Selfanimate are easy to edit and share on social.

Check out this illustrated character-based wedding invite. The video begins with the blessings of Lord Ganesha, then provides wedding details supported by cute characters.

Here’s a cartoony way of bringing all the wedding rituals to life, making your big day bigger.

Storytelling is made so easy for you. Using this modern wedding invitation template, you can bring your stories to life with great ease. Present your heart-touching story for your guests to save the date.

Bengali? Here is feed for your artistic fervor. Editable pics, with your voice-over for a personal invite, make it very compelling both emotionally and with strong visual appeal.

Respecting your aachaaram (traditions) of a TamBram, Selfanimate made a special one for the Tamil community. Impress the guests’ list with this traditional and trendy online video wedding invitation.

Check out this classy and chaste caricature-based Christian wedding video invitation video template. Beseech blessings from the Lord, while bringing all your beloved friends and family together for your most important occasion.

Jump in, pick your choice of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Selfanimate wedding invitation videos, or caricature invitation ecards, that offer ample scope for customization, at very low prices. Caricatures are fun. What would you like to create for your wedding? Or want to suggest to someone in your circle who is getting married?

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