Top 5 essentials when planning for your child’s first birthday celebration

Once a parent, our world revolves around our children. As doting fathers and mothers, we always care much about their well-being and happiness, and their growth milestones become the most important part of our journey as parents. We continue to seek blessings for our children until we move on to another world.

Every child is special and deserving of the attention and importance on his or her first birthday. The first birthday always stays etched in our minds, even with guests attending the function. As a toddler, their activities are so mesmerizingly sweet and loved by all, making first birthdays seem the best than the subsequent ones. The toddler becomes the harbinger of good times and an unsurmountable force that brings all members of the family, our relatives, friends, and society together. So, here are our top 5 essentials that you should consider while planning for your child’s first birthday.

1. Financial Planning: This is an ideal place to start. Over the months before the birthday, you should have planned the budget you’d like to set aside for celebrating this milestone event. Unplanned expenses can dislodge your finances and put the family through hardships later. Be aware of the cost of each element that you may want to add to the program, to make the event memorable. This includes food, venue, attire, music, a special cake, return gifts, transport, and so on.

2. Guest List: Take time and effort to jot down the list of all the guests to be invited. Relatives from your side, your in-laws, friends from the office, personal friends, children and families in your neighborhood, and more. List them all. Then, tune the list to fit your budget. As a good host, you have to make sure the birthday celebrations are well attended, and the guests are happy while you seek their blessings for your child.

3. Birthday Invitation: Soliciting the presence of the near and dear, and seeking their blessings for your loving child also means that the birthday invitation has to be well-made and graceful. With most of the family communications today being digital, an online birthday invitation will be an ideal way to invite guests to the birthday ceremony or party. Selfanimate slideshow video maker takes you miles ahead, leveraging technology, with a wide variety of creative, online birthday invitation videos. You can choose the video template you like best, edit it online in a few quick simple steps, replace photos, text and music and create the perfect first birthday invitation video, to share on Whatsapp or social media.

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4. Venue & Shopping: Based on your finalized guest list, prepare for your venue and purchases. Decorations, dress, music, a special cake, entertainment, food and return gifts are routine. Plan and execute well ahead and do not keep anything for the last moment. Pay attention to the important ones first. Any misses can cause embarrassment.

5. The Childcare: On this special day, when all the prayers, parties, and the hustle-bustle are for the child, ensure the baby is comfortable with the crowd and activities. While we all want to be photogenic and tend to dress up for the occasion, in all of these, remember to keep the toddler’s comfort in mind.

With these simple tips, you are now ready to plan a memorable first birthday for your child. Go ahead, celebrate the moment with great zeal. Remember the stories of the day to be able to tell others someday. Maybe by sharing it on a digital photo album. Check out the Selfanimate slideshow photo album that you can edit with the birthday party pictures and share with friends and family online.

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