Why should you consider using a wedding invitation video maker?

A wedding is a lifetime occasion. It’s an event that comes with great expectations from the brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, parents on both sides, relatives, friends, and guests too. The youngsters in the family normally take the lead in the festivities, which involves planning the music, dance, theme, food, decorations, and so on. One cannot afford to quote Charles Dickens saying “I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine; the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.” and do nothing. Intense planning and execution of every event and element will be required, to get close to all these expectations. When well-executed, these become memories that all will cherish for a lifetime.

Indian weddings involve huge expenses, which the families work on. According to the KPMG report (2021), the wedding market is estimated at USD 50 Billion p.a. and growing. Improved standards of living and affluence in the families have further increased the scope and expectations side by side. It is no surprise that if the spending was earlier burdensome, now it has become pleasurable. Young, to-be brides and grooms have been planning and saving for this big day all their life.

Online wedding invitations are here to stay
The wedding invitation is the logical first step that follows the finalization of the wedding between two people and their families. While the spending on invitations may vary, they carry immense value in terms of expression, relevance, and most importantly reverence for the guests being invited. Wedding invitations stand as proof of one’s traditions, commitment, grandiose or stature, and best of all – creativity on digital medium. Traditionally, invitations were printed and physically delivered to the guests, by visiting them in person. Since the start of the pandemic, almost everyone has adapted to the digital modes and the trend continues even after the pandemic waves have tapered down. Digital wedding invitations are now an acceptable practice in Indian society.

Wedding invitation videos are fast replacing digital evites
Adoption of digital and social media, saving time and effort in traveling long distances to invite in-person and budgets are primary triggers for the shift to online wedding invitation videos nowadays. Another sentiment that is triggering the move to digital marriage invitation videos is the attitude of the new generation towards reducing carbon footprint and cutting down trees for paper. Digital invitations delivered through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social networks are the way forward.

Wedding invitations have evolved to suit the digital media. Selfanimate.com, a leading online wedding invitation video maker has come up with a web application where one can choose from elegantly designed wedding invitation video templates and customize them with personalized content, images, and music. Selfanimate has empowered the common user to create his or her wedding invitations without having to know any technical aspects of creating the video. Making wedding invitation videos has been made so easy and simple that anyone can do it by editing text, copying, and pasting pictures.

A wide variety of innovative and creative video templates are available for online editing. In religious contexts, you can select a Hindu wedding invitation, a Muslim wedding invitation, or a Christian-themed wedding invitation. They are also ready-made wedding video templates available on regional preferences like the North Indian wedding invitations, Tamil wedding invitations, Telugu wedding invitations, Kannada wedding invitations, Kerala wedding invitations, Marathi wedding invitations, Rajasthani wedding invitations, Gujarati wedding invitations, Bengali wedding invitations, and so on. Thematic wedding invitations such as caricature wedding invitations, and virtual zoom wedding invitations, are also available. Check out some of the trending wedding video invites on Selfanimate.

Caricature Wedding Invitation: This cute, artistic video invitation template helps you create custom video invite using charming caricatures of the happy couple set to a vivid background.

Premium Wedding Invitation eCard: Create a beautiful wedding invitation ecard with a pastel floral background – taking its inspiration from the old-school wedding invitations.

Regional Wedding Invitation Video: Create your perfect wedding invitation, with the sounds, styles, and traditions of your culture, for your special day.

Leveraging technology, invitation video maker Selfanimate has made the creation of wedding video invitations a lot easier and less dependent on external professional agencies. If you are looking for making wedding invitations, now you know the best source to visit where highly affordable, professional-grade wedding invitations can be made in minutes.

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