How to celebrate pets on social media using videos

He loves you; he loves you not – you may be riddled if you are thinking about human beings but not with pets. They love unconditionally. Pets are the best de-stressors. They are like children, craving for our attention, touch, cuddling and caressing, but not so demanding like humans. Ask someone who has or had a pet. You will realize how happy and obsessed they are about their pets. They are so dear. They are indeed family, part of every event in our household.

A true companion for each one in the family, individually and collectively, they are highly responsive to our moods, very expressive, yet not at all demanding. Pets help us overcome depression or anxiety. They are naughty and playful, longing for your touch and care. With pets, love is an investment with returns of geometric proportions. Man has had pets since the stone age. There is another story that dogs are but wolves that adapted to human society.

The pandemic has affected pets in a big way. A good number of animals were abandoned, plausibly due to unaffordability or fears of pets becoming covid carriers. For the fortunate others, their movement got restricted, pet-food and medicines became scarce. Humans battling with pandemics obviously had no time for pets.

Fortunately, this is the time we turned to the internet and found new social groups on pet-care, networking on pet-related information. Progressively, people started posting pictures of their missing ones, celebrations, birthday videos with pets, pet parties and so on. Pet parents are using the internet to gain more knowledge on pet upkeep, know the breeds, connect with experts or other pet parents. Proud pet owners actively use social media to connect with pet communities globally, propagating and seek information online, helping track missing pets or just use digital media to introduce their pet to the world.

Are you a pet-parent? Pamper yourself by pampering your loved pet. Celebrate every occasion. Happiness multiplies manifold when shared. Selfanimate has pet video templates for every occasion. Create customized pet videos for use on social media posts and WhatsApp updates. These videos are fun-filled and make the whole pet experience even more exciting. Celebrate your pet birthday with the whole wide world by creating a pet birthday wish video with photos and customized content with your pet in mind, and post it on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter. View the pet birthday video template <>

We have seen dog birthday party videos, cats singing happy birthday videos, people making happy birthday videos with dogs, and even dog birthday party videos going viral on social media. One thing in common in all of these is the joy in love and sharing.

We are also coming across many instances of lost pets and one sure-shot way to spread the message and track your lost pet with community help is to post a digital ‘missing pet’ video. Selfanimate has a simple missing pet video template that you can edit in a few minutes and share on social media instantly. Check out the ‘missing pet’ video template here

Let’s all celebrate with our pets with the global community of pet lovers. Use Selfanimate custom-made videos to create the ideal pet video you want to share on social media.


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