How to celebrate 2022 Mother’s Day in the multiverse

Living a life immersed in technology has become part of our modern culture and living. As digital natives we travel time and space, reaching multiple digital universes on social media. We connect with people across time zones and countries with similar interests like ours, we share our updates and learn about theirs, and we make friends and connections that never existed before. Our relationships in this parallel universe or multiverse are important, just as much as the real personal relationships, we enjoy with friends and family.

Irrespective of the nature of our evolving digital habits, few relationships will remain rock solid. One such bond is that of a mother-child. A mother is all-love, forever giving, and forgiving. Do you love your mom? What a stupid question! Who doesn’t? We all love our mothers without an iota of doubt. Just our expressions may vary from person to person. Some of us are very outspoken and display our feelings on our sleeves; while some of us are silent admirers and like to keep it that way. Our love for our moms need not be so hidden. This year let’s be different. Take time out to show her a little extra comfort, love, and recognition. After all, she deserves it!

Watched Dr. Strange (2)? See how Wanda goes multiverses and to any extent only for her kids. We have among us moms wearing multiple hats, i.e., delivering professional commitments, pursuing a passion, and performing familial and societal commitments. All of these are nowhere close to the sacrifices she makes for motherhood.

Life, care, love, compassion, empathy, energy, encouragement, whatnot, have we had from our mothers. Moms are very obsessed and possessive about their children. Why not, she has every right to be so. Mothers’ Day is an occasion to celebrate all moms around us and the mom inside us.

Here are a few creative ways to reach out to mom and celebrate Mothers’ Day with her

1. Block your calendar, set aside a few hours, and spend time with your mom. Fix up a lunch or dinner date for the special day or watch a movie with her. Give her a break from the routine and make her feel special and cared for. It’s not just thanksgiving, but the long-overdue recognition that every mother deserves.

2. Give her love. Talk to her. Set aside those tiffs, petty fights, or differences and distances between you two, if any. Express yourself. Don’t hold back what you want to tell her. She longs to hear that from you.

3. Surprise her with an online video greeting, from Selfanimate online video maker, which is specially designed for this year’s Mother’s Day. Express with all your heart and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day from wherever you are. Check out the video greeting template you can edit and share with your mom on her Whatsapp this Mother’s Day.

4. Bring gifts for her that she likes most. A thing from her past. A piece of jewelry or attire that she likes most. Anything close to her heart.

Celebrate Mothers’ Day. It is a solemn duty of each one of us. Let’s appreciate mothers and motherhood. Let us honour the women who raised us—nurturing our families and greater communities.

Of course, if you are a mother, all of us at Selfanimate wish YOU a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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