Summer weddings: 8 things to keep in mind

Summertime is considered the peak wedding season. And for a good reason, considering the metamorph of light and airy days. With blooming flowers, tons of theme inspiration, and warm weather, it is a great time to say “I do” and tie the knot. Summer weddings are known for bright colors, airy fabrics, and theme weddings. Whether you are envisioning a wedding with a smaller gathering in an exotic destination or planning a grand wedding in your city, here are some stunning summer wedding ideas to pull off the coolest warm-weather wedding.

8 Things to keep in mind for summer weddings:

Send save-the-date reminders
Summer is a season of vacations, especially for families with school-age kids. Ensure to send save-the-date reminders well in advance. This reminder will help your guests to block their calendars in advance for your wedding and plan everything accordingly.

You can use the free wedding invitation maker Selfanimate to create save-the-date reminders. Choose from the ready-made templates and customise the invitation template with your wedding details – information, photos, and music. Lastly, send it as a WhatsApp save-the-date wedding invitation. Check out some of the wedding save-the-date wedding invitations:

Provide heat relief (keep everyone hydrated)
Choose a wedding venue that is well covered and air-conditioned. Wedding merriments are best enjoyed in the cool shade of a hall rather than in open spaces where the summer sun can be harsh on the body. But, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding party, here are some of the things you could do:
● Ask for extended sun shades and portable air conditioning at the venue.
● Have drinking stations with cold water, fresh lime or nimbu pani, cool coconut water, and fresh juices with ice.
● Keep most of the wedding rituals and other activities indoors.

Serve lighter fare
Stick to light and more refreshing food items for summer weddings. Leverage the fresh and succulent fruits and veggies of the summer season for your wedding menu, blending them with ice-cream-based desserts and fresh fruit juices.

Avoid mid-day outdoor wedding
With the temperatures soaring mid-day, consider having the wedding ceremony start either early in the morning or later in the evening. If you have planned a theme wedding, make sure to include shaded spaces like a tent or shamiana for accomodating the guests. Outdoor dinner counters to have plenty of umbrella-covered seating for guests to escape the heat.

Wear cool breathable outfits/lighter fabrics
You should feel comfortable and confident on this important day of your life so prefer wearing dresses made of lighter fabrics. Brides can go for silk fabrics of white or light peach color and grooms can opt for a crisp linen or fair-toned suit of light gray or beige color.

Sun protection is a must-have
If you’re planning a daytime outdoor ceremony, then sun protection is important for everyone attending the wedding. Prefer wearing sunscreen or a moisturizer or foundation containing SPF to avoid any sunburn. Apart from that, sunblock wipes and bug spray should be made available both in the guest bathrooms and at the ceremony site.

Choose summer wedding colors for the theme
When it comes to choosing your wedding theme, the best way is to go for season colors that reflect the aesthetic mood and spirit of the season. For summer, you can opt for palates like pastel rainbow, orange and blue, hot pink, yellow, and orange, plum, lilac, and apricot, green, white, and copper, and blush pink and dusty blue.

Choose flowers that can withstand the heat
When approaching summer florals, think outside the box. Summer wedding flowers can be arranged in the form of hanging flowers displayed across the venue. Seasonal blooms like gerbera, roses, and marigolds are not only drop-dead gorgeous but also showcase the summer’s bright hues without being heavy on your pocket.

How does Selfanimate make summer weddings more fun?
Selfanimate is a free wedding invitation maker that allows you to make personalized invitation videos as per your choice. And, interestingly you can choose from various wedding video templates available on the website. Check out the recent wedding engagement invitation video template that can be edited and customised.

Apart from that, you can also opt for Selfanimate customisation services that can take up your unique requests and turn your imagination into a real and beautiful wedding video invitation.

It’s no secret that summer weddings are fun. However, when planning a summer wedding, you need to take into consideration the hot weather and unpredictable circumstances that can surprise the planning.

The summer wedding ideas we’ve shared will make for a truly memorable and amazing day. Lastly, make your wedding ceremony more convenient by creating and sending your online wedding invitations using a Selfanimate online video maker.

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