Why Do e-Invites Make More Sense in Today’s Weddings?

Indian weddings are loved by all. Lavish, vibrant, and intricately planned, they strike a delicate balance between the dreams of families, to-be-weds, traditions, and expectations of the guests. The vibrant blend of culture, rituals, food, colors, sounds, emotions, and glitz form the very essence of an Indian wedding.

If you’re planning a sustainable wedding celebration, the idea of going digital with your wedding invitation should top your checklist. From a design perspective, digital wedding invitations or e-cards don’t restrict your online wedding invitations to just static images. And the best part, they’re more friendly for both the environment and your pocket than their printed counterparts. Right from including short videos, GIFs, images, music, and more, the choices are interesting and endless. Over the years, wedding invitation video cards have gained popularity, being widely used by celebrities like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja who sent them for her wedding celebrations way back in 2018.

E-Invites are here to stay and they’re only getting more sought-after in today’s weddings. Let’s see why.

Low cost of making and distribution – E-invites will cost you a fraction of the cost of a printed wedding invite. With paper invitations, the additional costs include creating special designs, printing costs – offset printing or screen printing or digital printing, and postage or courier charges. Additional expenses may be added if the cards must be hand-delivered to each family by visiting their homes. On the other hand, digital wedding invitations are easy to make using free online wedding invitation video makers like Selfanimate. What’s even better is that sending invitations digitally means that you don’t spend a penny on postage and printing costs. Sending emails and WhatsApp invitations won’t cost you anything. Opting for online wedding invitations is a wise choice, especially when you are on a tight budget.

Digital invitations reach globally with RSVP management – The best part about E-invites is that they reach your friends and relatives across the globe, with just a few clicks. The guests can RSVP within seconds. For traditional invitation cards, your guests will either respond through phone calls or you’ll have to message and follow up. However, with digital invitations, guests can RSVP online and you can track the data into a guest tracking spreadsheet. You can stay on top of the headcount without having to stretch yourself. Planning the wedding becomes much easier with a simplified way to connect with your guests, regardless of their location.
Saves the planet as there is no cutting of trees – A key reason why eco-friendly weddings extensively use E-invites is that there is no paper invite required nor are trees cut in the process to manufacture paper. Also, you don’t require extensive traveling to deliver the wedding invitations, so you can be rest assured you’ve done your part to save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. A survey found that nearly 70% of the participants preferred using online wedding invitations in some way or the other.

Unlimited creativity – Right from comic book style invites to retro fashion “Save the Date”, you have unlimited options to choose from when designing your wedding E-invite. You can make the digital wedding invitation yourself or get it customized with elements that define your relationship. Going a step ahead, each invite can be personalized for treasured guests. They’re an excellent way to set the tone for the wedding while providing important details for the important day.

For example, if you’re opting for a minimalistic wedding, your E-invite can be simple, straight to the point and elegant with a bold geometric design, all in one 10 or 15-sec video.

More impactful and effective – Your guests can easily comprehend the wedding details in the E-invite and confirm their attendance. They can also forward it to other members of their family who may be interested in participating in your wedding. Using technology to disseminate the wedding invitation can have swoon-worthy effects with the right graphics and text. More impactful, with high reach and recall, mobile-friendly online wedding invitations have a higher chance of acceptance today than traditional paper invitations.

Now that you know the benefits of e-invites, here’s how you can make them.

Single-frame E-invites by Selfanimate
The equivalent to yellow paper traditional printed invite, a single-frame E-invite serves all the details of the wedding in one frame or window. Check out the traditional wedding ecard invitation template

Memorable E-invites strike a chord with guest
Whether you are planning a lavish celebration or a private wedding ceremony, E-invites are a great way to create custom wedding invitations. When you want to inject elements of fun or set the perfect tone for the big event, always choose a paperless wedding invitation from Selfanimate, the best free online wedding invitation maker. Check out the latest wedding eCards on Selfanimate

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