Special ways to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day in 2022

“A Father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.” – Unknown

Even though a father deserves our gratitude and love every day, Father’s Day is celebrated once every year to acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices and contributions of a dad. It’s a wonderful day and an opportunity to express thankfulness to the protector, provider, and life coach and celebrate our special relationship with him.

Father’s love is less expressed. The unsung and unspoken hero, mellowed with age and silenced by practical wisdom, he is seen as the executor of personal and social responsibilities. Accountable for the welfare and happiness of the entire family, his discipline and stubbornness might have caused some distance in the relationship. Nevertheless, his love and care can never be undermined.

A provider, who has catered to our needs and beyond, through thick and thin, a father is obsessed with building the future for his family. Be it the essentials like food, shelter, and clothing or for our intellect, education, and career. He is there for us, always.

A protector, preparing us in defense for future challenges, he puts us through the rigor of routine and takes us beyond himself – the person who dreams about us and gets happier when we outgrow him.

Our love for our father is so divine that it can’t be expressed in words, but here is an opportunity to bring him back to the fore and rejuvenate him with love. With Father’s Day around the corner, it is our time to focus on the one person who has always focused on us his entire life.

Modern times have given many tools with technology. Yet rarely do we reach out to our father to say, “I Love You Dad”. Selfanimate, the best online video maker, has introduced specially curated, and highly creative Happy Father’s Day video wish templates, that are easy to customise and use. One can choose a greeting template from a variety of options available. Edit the template with words and quotes to match your deepest expressions, add images of you with your father and even add your favourite music background. Complete the video in minutes and share the custom video with your daddy on his WhatsApp.

Check out the cute animated Happy Fathers Day video wish that a child can send to his or her daddy. Pepper your video greeting with multiple photos of father and child together and rekindle fond memories on this special day.

You are never too old or too young to send a Happy Father’s Day greeting to your father, daddy, dad, pappa, pa, appa, dadda or any other pet name you call him by. Be it your father or grandfather, tell him how much you love and care for him. Celebrate him and all his lovable qualities on this Father’s Day 2022.

Reach out to the man you have been silently admiring all these years. Check out the Selfanimate ready-to-use Happy Father’s Day video wish template that you can send on Whatsapp

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