8 wedding invitation video ideas that you cannot ignore

Famous columnist Ann Landers perfectly portrayed the beauty of marriage in her style – “Sensual pleasures have the fleeting brilliance of a comet; a happy marriage has the tranquility of a lovely sunset.” Weddings create a plethora of unprecedented experiences for the couple getting married, the two families, and the guests. In the shelter of the fondest of memories that unfold, we rejuvenate and cherish the moments throughout our lives.

Don’t you want to enjoy to the fullest, add a few pints of love, a quarter of drama, and a pitcher of emotion, and blend them to create the perfect marriage memory cocktail?

If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. Let’s dive deep together into the depths of our imagination for the best wedding invitation video ideas. They will perfectly render a mesmerizing memory of your life’s most important journey for years to come.

8 best wedding video invitation ideas are:

Portray a collage – “Our story” – What better occasion and opportunity would present for you to tell your story! Use illustrations or photos to convey the moments in life that have brought the two of you together. Arrange the clips chronologically, but look for those moments (e.g., your first meeting in the coffee shop) that capture the emotions you felt during that time. Add the right music to emphasize these feelings or include a dialogue through voiceovers if you like that style of video. Break the monotonous shackle, add creativity, and narrate your story in your online wedding invitation. Check out the photo collage-themed wedding invitation video template on Selfanimate.

Save the date invite – Help your guests make travel arrangements in advance, and plan time off from their jobs or activities, so they can join your big day celebrations. Share your wedding invitation save-the-date with your friends over email or WhatsApp. Make sure you have all the necessary details like the marriage date and venue, the function start time, and end time in it. Cover all your bases by including this data in the video. Check out the Selfanimate descriptive save-the-date wedding video template.

Cultural wedding invitation – In Indian weddings, our culture influences our actions and interpretations. It’s time to infuse those cultural identities and bring the traditions back to life at the wedding. A curated Indian wedding invitation commemorating traditions, religions, and flamboyance never gets old! For example, a Bengali-styled theme for a Bengali marriage can even make dull flowers blossom. Check out the Selfanimate Bengali wedding video invitation template.

Hobby-themed invitation – Are you a proud cricket lover, a football maniac, or a movie enthusiast? If you love your hobby so much, why hide it? For example, if you and your spouse love a particular movie, your wedding marriage invitation video could be centered around that movie theme. If you want to create a custom-themed invite, that is possible too. Check out the latest Selfanimate movie-themed wedding video invite.

Animated wedding invite– Walt Disney mentioned, “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.” Marriage is the perfect ceremony for you to drive your imagination into reality and capture your story in the most captive manner. Free wedding invitation maker Selfanimate can help you curate and animate your story, to make it memorable for yourself and your guests. Check out the animated wedding video invitation template.

Caricature wedding invitation – Caricature videos give you that cute, gushing feeling to make you giggle even at 80. Caricature wedding invitations can tell stories. For example, you can show where you first met, what were your favorite moments, and what made you click. Go the extra mile and have your favorite song added as the video soundtrack. Caricature wedding invitations create an unprecedented charm along with a lasting impression and appeal. Check out the caricature wedding invitations from Selfanimate.

Candid couple photo invite – Honor your loved ones with candid photos expressing your love, faith, and respect. Your WhatsApp wedding invitation can include a slideshow of photos with cherishable special moments spent with your partner. You can also tickle the funny bone with a few fun pics. Check out the Selfanimate photo collage wedding invitation video with the provision to accommodate many photos of the to-be-weds.

DIY wedding invites – Not interested in any of the above ideas – feel to have something truly unique for your wedding invite? Why not consult a specialist who can cater to your needs and cherry-pick the best wedding video ideas for you? Best Indian wedding invitation maker Selfanimate can transform your ideas into reality with specially curated invitation templates.

What can Selfanimate do for you?
Selfanimate is an easy-to-use online free wedding invitation maker. Using the website, you can either make your wedding invitation card video with ready-made video templates or get the wedding invite customized by the professional Selfanimate team. The video maker online free allows you to create stunning greeting and invitation videos for use during weddings, holidays, festivals, birthdays, and personal wishes.

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