How to plan your destination wedding: best budget-friendly ideas

The lure of a destination wedding is hard to ignore – imagine a trip to your favorite travel destination, with the love of your life, to make that symbolic jump towards starting your life as a married couple. The key driver for the popularity of destination weddings is to have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience at their most-loved destination. Be it a beach wedding or a mountain wedding or a wedding at a centuries-old castle, destination weddings give you plenty of choices to bring your aspirations alive.

Considering all the factors involved in planning a destination wedding, it comes as no surprise that they’re more difficult to plan as compared to the weddings closer to home. Planning a destination wedding goes beyond simply selecting your location and celebration venue. You want to ensure that your loved ones not only reach the destination but also have a great time at the wedding. While this may sound daunting, planning a destination wedding everyone will love does not have to be stressful.

If you’re planning to pull off a destination wedding of your dreams, here are the 5 most critical checklist items you should keep in mind.

Critical checklist items for a destination wedding

Decide the location – A fundamental thing to keep in mind when deciding your wedding destination is that it must be safe and have all the resources you’ll need. The charming beach village where you went for your first vacation together may not work if it’s one hotel cannot accommodate all your guests. Additional things to consider are – no recent travel warnings, political issues, or health concerns in the region. None of the guests should feel uncomfortable at the destination because of their sexuality, gender, or religion.

Also important is to consider how feasible the travel would be for your oldest guests. A venue that requires a sequence of planes, trains and automobiles may be impossible for your grandparents or pregnant sister.

Decide who to invite – Start by thinking about your budget and whether it permits for a small or large wedding, before inviting the guests. Destination wedding planning entails gauging which of your friends and family members could travel to your location and how long it takes for them to get there.

The best way to go about this is to invite the most important people who would make a positive impact on your wedding day with their presence. If only a few people make it to the list, you can choose to have a reception for all others once you return home. In addition, planning a destination wedding with a smaller guest list is a doable task.

Accommodation – Keep all the hotels within a 10-minute radius of the wedding location. Blocking rooms in advance can help you negotiate a lower price and consolidate all guests in one vicinity. Lastly, don’t finalize the dates until you’re sure the accommodation for all guests is available.

Wedding theme and activities – Naturally, all your guests have traveled a long way to celebrate with you. Personalizing the setup with a wedding theme is an ideal way of letting them know how much thought you’ve put into their stay and how much you’re grateful for them being there.

One of the favorites? Have a branded wedding based on the couple’s shared interests. The invitation can be customized to fill the guests with everything they need to know about the day. The wedding timeline, temperature, meal information and the special activities you’ve planned, that they won’t want to miss.

For example, if the wedding is cinematic-themed, the relationship journey could be illustrated in the form of a movie, the venue could have live music and be decorated with vinyl music records and the activities could include a dance night.

Destination wedding invites – The key to a successful wedding is efficient communication and it is of paramount importance for destination weddings. The destination wedding invites can be used as the primary piece of communication.

Your marriage invitation could have everything your guests will need to know in terms of scheduling the weekend, travel logistics, accommodation, and wedding etiquette in case of a themed destination wedding. The online wedding invitation video could include interesting information about the destination and all the activities you’ve planned.

What’s the benefit of digital Indian wedding invitations? They contain all the information the guests need to know, thereby freeing your time from having to answer questions from multiple guests, especially in the planning phase. E-invites from online wedding invitation video maker Selfanimate include RSVP information for seamless RSVP management. WhatsApp destination wedding invitations can be made quickly for global reach, all created and shared with a few clicks on the Selfanimate website.

Check out the peacock-themed Indian wedding video invitation template

How does Selfanimate help design destination wedding video invites?

Free wedding invitation maker Selfanimate has a library of ready-made video templates to choose from. Anyone can create a professional-looking wedding video invite in just a few minutes with a few simple steps. Alternatively, use Selfanimate’s personalized service for your destination wedding video invites. Your wedding invitation video can be customized with the destination theme and shared on the guest’s WhatsApp.

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