Bring Together Family And Friends To A Joyful Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi weddings mark the joyous celebration of love and faith, steeped in centuries of traditions. The rituals such as Roka, Sagai, Sangeet, Chooda Chandana, Kanyadaan, and Joota Chhupai, coupled with over-the-top music, electric Bhangra and drool-worthy food, make these weddings an enjoyable affair. To be part of a Punjabi wedding while seeking the blessing of Waheguru ji is no less than a roller-coaster ride.

To match your energy and cultural heritage, Selfanimate has a brilliant collection of Punjabi wedding invitation videos that you can edit and use. They feature bold visuals, cute animations and caricatures, rhythmic beats background and catchy content placeholders. Be it a wedding card design, traditional e-cards, wedding reminders or wedding save the date, we have it all. To start, pick a wedding card template and customise it to reflect your style and taste. In 5 minutes or less!

From Roka To Reception - Create Your Punjabi Wedding Invitation

Looking for innovative, convenient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wedding cards? Invite your guests in style with affordable and stylish Sikh and Punjabi online wedding invitations. From traditional wedding templates featuring Punjabi motifs and floral video cards symbolizing love, happiness & new beginnings, to picture collage invites where you can include family photos, engagement pics or the wedding venue itself, Selfanimate has it all. We also have colourful wedding video templates that add a pop of colour to your Punjabi wedding invitation and reflect the vibrancy of your big day.

In addition, we feature a range of wedding reminder eCards, Zoom wedding video invites, Save the Date and engagement invitation cards, which you can use to showcase your love story or highlight special moments.

Choose Your Punjabi Wedding Video Invite Templates

Celebrate your special day, your way.
Make custom Punjabi wedding cards

Wish to add traditional motifs such as Paranda, Khanda, Haldi or the sacred Om in your Punjabi or Sikh wedding invitation? Or would you like to include interactive elements such as RSVP links, interactive location maps, or use custom typography or animated graphics? Just connect with our experienced in-house customization team for a tailored wedding invitation experience. We'll help you customise an existing template or create a fresh wedding video from your input to match your wedding theme and style.

We assure you a HD quality, visually appealing Punjabi wedding invitation video reflecting your style, taste and vision for the big day. Not satisfied with our first draft? We provide free iteration too!! Contact us at with your customization request.


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