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Wishing someone happy birthday is easy. What is truly difficult is giving them something unforgettable. Buying them a suitable gift is simple too. But on a special day, to a special person, wouldn't you want to give them a memory they can cherish for a lifetime? Or if you are inviting people to a birthday party for your loved one, wouldn't you want to send something more than just a boring e-card invite?

Thanks to Selfanimate, a one-of-a-kind happy birthday video maker, you can create and share a personalised birthday wishes video in just minutes. With Selfanimate, you can design birthday invitation videos with our readymade templates, so that your party gets the attention it deserves!

No matter how old you are, or how what kind of message you want to share, Selfanimate is the ideal birthday video maker that puts the power of world-class video personalisation in your hands. Create birthday invitations, recap birthday parties with creative slideshows, and make a happy birthday video with photos from parties and night-outs.

Use our birthday video maker with music, a variety of fonts, text colours, and more to create a memorable birthday experience for your spouses, colleagues, relatives, and friends!

No more expensive video editing expenses or using a generic birthday photo collage and invitation maker. Just select, customise, and create a birthday video in minutes and send it through WhatsApp or any social media platforms!

Pick the right template,
say Happy Birthday with a personalised video
Birthday Party Invitation for Kids thumbnail-arrow-svg
Birthday Party Invitation for Kids

Create an online video invitation for your kid's birthday party with a personalised template can be easily edited. Design amazing digital invites to get the attention of your guests!

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Birthday Wishes for Kids Template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Birthday Wishes for Kids Template

Kids tend to remember their best birthdays forever. Now, you can create a charming and dazzling personalised video for them to invite their friends to the birthday party.

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Birthday Invitation Template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Cute Birthday Invitation Template

Celebrate your kid's birthday to the fullest by creating a cute online video invitation to send to your guests. Add your own words, pictures, and music to make it unmissable!

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Birthday Wishes for Elders template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Birthday Wishes for Elders template

Wishing elders on their birthdays should be a fun process. Create awesome birthday video wishes, add personal touches, and make things heart-warming and exciting!

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Employee Birthday Wishes template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Employee Birthday Wishes template

Share the joy of your employee's special day with a birthday wishes video straight from the heart of your company. Make it meaningful, fun, and exciting; give them another reason to care about your brand.

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Birthday Wishes Video template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Birthday Wishes Video template

Create online video wishes for your friend's birthday and give them something unique to remember the day. Add your private jokes, funny pictures, and favourite music to make it personal.

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Online Invitation Video Template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Online Invitation Video Template

Create an online birthday video invitation for people of all ages that they won't ever forget. Use a mix of photos, text and video clips and astound your guests and get them ready for the big day.

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Happy Birthday Template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Happy Birthday Template

You don't have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to share your birthday wishes to someone. Get a head-start by personalising a birthday video to make sure you can blow their minds!

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Birthday Party Save the Date Template thumbnail-arrow-svg
Birthday Party Save the Date Template

Create a save the date video birthday invitation and keep track of RSVPs to plan one big birthday party. Get your hands on customizable video templates with your an adorable save the date video invitation.

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Here's how to make a birthday video

Create a personalised Happy Birthday video in 4 quick and easy steps.


1Select your favourite template

Pick a birthday template, with uniquely themed backgrounds and icons.


2 Review and confirm your template

Better safe than waste another minute in step 1. You can explore the template and read reviews to ensure you have made the right choice.


3 Customise your video

No traditional birthday slideshow maker can do this! Customise your video by choosing suitable fonts, text colours, and more. Make it just the way you want it!


4 Add audio to your video

Imagine a birthday bash without music! So, here's your chance to add a variety of audio files to make your birthday videos more fun and exciting.

Give a gift like no other - make a personalised birthday video in minutes